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Underfloor Heating Sytems

Underfloor Heating has risen in popularity over the past couple of decades. A high energy-efficient heating system that offers even heat distribution and a luxurious feel, unachievable with other forms of Heating.

Wet Or Electric Underfloor Heating?

Our engineers fit two types of Underfloor heating systems wet and electric. Both offer the same full heat throughout every room, are energy efficient and can be fitted in any property but have subtle differences.

Which style is the best for your home? Wet or Electric?

Wet Underfloor Heating

  • Water is drawn from your Boiler and circulated through pipes that sit under the floor.
  • The water is circulated through the pipes via a manifold and pump, which are located above the ground
  • The temperature is controlled with a thermostat. You can have one thermostat for the whole system or have a multiple zone system to control the temperature in each room
  • Pipes can run on top of existing flooring, be set in screed for new floors or run between joists under the floorboards of suspended floors.
  • All pipes are set into some form of insulation depending on the floor. Insulation includes Celotex, screed, and specially formed aluminium plates and tiles with recesses for the pipes to sit.
  • The insulation heats up with the pipes and stays warm for many hours. This is what makes the system so efficient.
  • Underfloor Pipes will last a lifetime (working components above ground will need changing at some point), even up to 100 years
  • A wet system is cheaper to run than an electric system
  • A wet system is more expensive to install than an electric system

Electric Underfloor Heating

  • Heated cables run under the floor instead of wet pipes. The cables are powered by electricity.
  • The cables come ready fitted on insulated mats or as a loose cable
  • All electric underfloor Heating uses insulation which heats the room
  • Cables can be laid on top of existing floors or set into screed for new floors.
  • There’s an electric underfloor heating solution for all type of flooring
  • Loose electric heating cables allow underfloor Heating to be installed in the smallest of rooms
  • Electric systems are cheaper to install than wet systems
  • Electric systems are less energy-efficient than wet systems, so they cost more to run

Free No Obligation Survey

We want to offer you a free no-obligation survey and quote for your underfloor heating system installation. One of our engineers will show you all the available options and price up the best system for your home and budget

Servicing & Repairs

If you already have Underfloor Heating installed, we also undertake servicing and repairs on all types of systems.

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