Thermal Imaging

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Applications for Plumbing and heating engineer

Thermal imaging can be hugely useful when installing or maintaining heating systems. More and more engineers are beginning to see the value in a thermal camera, from a commercial to a domestic level. You can pinpoint any irregularities to the temperature distribution right away, so it’s easy to locate clogged radiators and leaks.

You could take our word for it, but we thought it would be better to show you how thermal imaging can be applied to daily tasks. Below are some examples of how thermal cameras are used in the plumbing and heating industry, and how they can help engineers to be even more precise and efficient in their work. Enjoy:

Thermal Imaging

What are the benefits of thermal imaging?

1. Thermal imaging is the quickest and most efficient method of leak detection

2. Our efficient methods mean that you’ll spend less on plumbing costs while receiving the best plumbing service possible

3. It’s a non-intrusive technology – Put simply, thermal imaging allows us to fix and provide efficient Leak Detection without causing damage to roof structures or walls, so there will be no knock-on damage or costly repair work