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Why You Should Consider Underfloor Heating

Underfloor HeatingHeating provides many benefits over traditional forms of HeatingHeating such as radiators and storage heaters.

Space Saving & Robust

First of all, the heating elements are hidden under the floor out of sight. No radiators not only make rooms look more attractive, but it also frees up wall space. The heating elements (pipes or electric coils) are well protected under flooring and are near impossible to damage.

Energy Efficient

Underfloor HeatingHeating includes insulation which is heated when the systems switched on. Once warm, the insulation stays warm for many hours, so less energy’s required to keep the home warm.
Typical wet underfloor HeatingHeating is 15-40% more efficient than conventional radiator heating (total efficiency will depend on the system and insulation used.

Reliable, Low Maintenace And Long Lasting

Underfloor Heating systems are simply requiring minimal parts. Wet systems are connected to your Boiler requiring only a pump, manifold and valves, a small set-up hidden away discreetly.
Electric systems are connected directly to the mains electrical supply.
Both are extremely reliable and will last up to fifty years. If any new parts are required during the systems life, they’re easy to access and replace.

Even-Heat Distribution

Underfloor HeatingHeating runs the entire floor, ensuring the whole floors heated evenly throughout. No more cold areas in your home and in winter the floor will feel warm underfoot.

Works In Every Type Of Home

Underfloor Heating systems include a wide range of solutions, so a system’s possible in any home no matter the floor.
Pipes can be set in screed, on top of the existing floor or between joists under floorboards.

Works With All Flooring

Underfloor HeatingHeating works with all types of flooring including carpet, ceramic, tiles, wood, concrete and more.

Types Of Underfloor Heating

Underfloor HeatingHeating falls into two categories Wet & Electric system.

Wet System

Wet system Underfloor Heating runs off a Boiler powered central heating system. A manifold connected to the Boiler acts as a junction for a series of pipes that are run under the floor in various rooms throughout the home.

The pipes are laid amongst insulation such as screed, Celotex, insulated tiles or aluminium plates. Hot water runs through the pipes heating the insulation and floor in the process.

Electric System

Electric System Underfloor Heating incorporates electric coils which are laid with insulation. The electric coils are connected to the electricity supply. The electric coils heat up, heating the insulation and warming the room.

Wet Or Electric?

As a general rule of thumb, Wet Underfloor Heating is more expensive to install than electric systems but cheaper to run.
While modern-day electric underfloor HeatingHeating is energy efficient, installing a wet system will save you more money in the long run.
One of our engineers will be more than happy to determine the best system for your home and budget.

Service & Repair

If you have an existing Underfloor Heating system which needs some attention we service and repair all types.

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