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Underfloor Heating Installation Service & Repair Thurrock

Underfloor Heating is an efficient cheap to run solution that heats every room thoroughly over the complete surface area.

Clearwater Plumbing and Heating fits both wet and electric Underfloor Heating systems.

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Both wet and electric systems present various options which allow the fitting of underfloor Heating in any home of any age. Both systems can be made to work with any floor type (solid concrete, wood joists, etc.) and any flooring material. Whether you want Underfloor Heating installed in your current home or in a new build or extension, we can fit the perfect system for your situation.

Wet Underfloor Heating Systems

Wet Underfloor Heating is connected to your central heating system using water heated by your Boiler. Wet system costs less to run than Electric system underfloor Heating. It is, however, more costly to install so requires more upfront investment. A wet system is compatible with all flooring types. Pipes run under the floor either installed on top of Celotex and set into a screed or placed between floorboards insulated in specially designed plates.

Pipes are connected to a manifold placed in a discreet easy to reach area. Hot water’s drawn from your Boiler and pumped around the pipes that run under the floor. The pipes and insulation (Celotex, screed, or plates) heat up heating the room in the process. The insulation under the floor stays warm for many hours (even after the Heating’s switched off). The insulation is what makes the wet system, so energy efficient and cheap to run.

Electric Underfloor Heating Systems

Electric system Underfloor heating is cheaper to install alternative than a wet system. The electric system works for homes where a wet system isn’t possible (without a gas, electric or oil central heating system) While electric underfloor Heating is cheaper to install, it’s more expensive to run than wet system Underfloor Heating. The electric system is still very energy efficient, though especially when compared to other forms of electric Heating. Electric versions will work with any floor type.

Electric cables are run under the floor, the cables snake around the room in the same fashion as wet system pipes. The wires are connected to the mains, when switched on the cables heat up, heating the room. Electric Underfloor heating uses insulation also. Electric underfloor cables are available on mats which are placed around the room and then screeded over. When screed isn’t used cables are available encased in insulated mats which are generally placed over floorboards and under the flooring (carpet, wood, tiles etc.)

Electric Underfloor Heating cable is available on a roll. This is for awkwardly shaped, and small areas, where cabled mats won’t work—the cables shaped accordingly to work with space.

Underfloor Heating Maintenance & Repair

We can service and repair your Underfloor Heating system. We can check and adjust the essential working parts such as the manifold, seals, connections, pump and motorised valves.
These parts are replaceable also in the event of failure. We can also deal with issues under the floor if required.

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