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Welcome to Clearwater Plumbing & Heating we install, service and repair Underfloor Heating in Southwold and the surrounding areas.

Our Gas Safe Registered engineers have over 25 years of experience in Underfloor Heating systems, both wet and electric.

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Underfloor Heating Is The Best Heating

Underfloor Heating is incredibly efficient Heating is achieved throughout a whole surface area. Bulky space-consuming radiators attached to the wall only emit heat from a small area. By fitting Underfloor Heating, you can remove radiators, freeing up valuable wall space.

Both wet and electric underfloor heating systems are accompanied by insulation which heats up and produces heat for many hours, even once the Heating’s switched off. The insulation properties make for cheap and efficient Heating which uses less energy to heat a given space (when compared to radiators)

Warm floors are highly comforting underfoot, especially in the middle of winter. Once fitted, you’ll enjoy your new Underfloor Heating system for years to come without any expense or hassle. Underfloor Heating systems are simple, mostly maintenance and trouble-free. Most of the systems underground out of harm’s way, rarely are they accidentally damaged.

Wet & Electric Underfloor Heating

Wet system Underfloor heating involves running pipes under the floor. These pipes are connected to a manifold (positioned above ground) which is connected to the Boiler. The pipes are run throughout the entire room and set into the insulation. The pipes draw hot water from the Boiler which heats the pipes and insulation, in turn, warming the room.

Electric System Underfloor Heating involves running electric coils and insulation under the floor. The coils are connected to the mains electrical supply via the consumer unit. Electricity heats the coils and insulation.

  • Both wet and electric systems will work with all nearly all types of flooring
  • If you don’t have a boiler powered central heating system, then electric underfloor heating’s the only option
  • If you do have a boiler powered central heating system you can opt for a wet or electric system
  • Wet systems are the most expensive to install but are cheaper to run than electric underfloor heating systems
  • Electric systems are cheaper and easier to install but cost more money to run
  • A wet system will last around 35 years so will work out the cheaper of the two in the long run

Underfloor Heating For All Properties

Both wet and electric Underfloor Heating is available in a range of options to suit all types of property. One of our engineers will go through the various options with you and determine the best system for your property and budget.

Underfloor Heating Service & Repair

If you have an existing Underfloor Heating system, we can service your system by checking the manifold, pump electronic valves and connections to ensure they’re all tight.
We can undertake repairs of you’re experiencing issues, working parts are above ground, easily reached for repair or replacement. We can quickly identify any problems below ground with our thermal imaging equipment.

Please Contact Us today for more information about our Underfloor Heating services.