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Underfloor Heating Installation, Repairs & Servicing in Romford and the surrounding areas.

Clearwater Plumbing & Heating are Underfloor Heating Specialists with a dedicated team of Gas Safe Registered Engineers.

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Underfloor Heating Benefits

  • Heating coils are hidden under the floor out of sight and out of harm’s way, nearly impossible to damage.
  • Floors feel warm underfoot.
  • Heat distribution is even and complete throughout every room while the temperature remains consistent
  • Less energy is required to heat a room when compared to conventional radiators.
  • Cost less to run than traditional central heating systems
  • Lower energy consumption is better for your pocket and the environment
  • Underfloor Heating is maintenance-free 
  • All working parts are easily accessible above ground, easy to get to in case of an issue.
  • It lasts a very long time, at least 35 years
  • The removal of radiators creates wall space making extra room
  • Adds value to your property a bonus if you’re letting or selling your home
  • Can be fitted in new properties and extensions (as they’re built) or existing homes


We install, service and repair wet and electric Underfloor Heating systems in all types of homes, from small flats to the largest of homes.

Underfloor Heating presents many different solutions so you can have a system in any property that’ll work with any floor type.

We can install a traditional wet underfloor heating system that’s connected to your central system and runs off the hot water. Or alternatively, we can install an electric-powered system. 

Both are highly energy-efficient wet systems that require more initial cost but, in the long run, will save you money as they consume less energy. Electric systems are cheaper, quicker and easier to install but cost slightly more to run.

If you’re interested in having an Underfloor System installed, we would like to offer you a free no-obligation survey and quote.


We offer servicing for existing underfloor heating systems. If you have had a system installed and running for a number of years, then it’s a good idea to get it checked once in a while.

One of our engineers will check your manifold and ensure all seals are tight and not leaking water. The pump and electric valves are checked and tested also. 

If you feel your underfloor Heating isn’t as good as it used t be, then you may have a sludge build up in the pipes preventing full Heating. We can Powerflush your system, so it’s clean and operates at full heat output.


We Repair underfloor heating systems also. Our thermal imaging cameras allow us to detect issues below the ground. If you have a cold spot, we can detect and remove the offending airlock. If pipes are leaking, we can establish where then reach and repair the pipe.

Other above-ground parts such as the manifold, valves and pumps can be removed and replaced if they fail.

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