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Underfloor Heating Installation, Servicing and Repairs in Purfleet and the surrounding areas.
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Are you in the market for an Underfloor Heating Installation? or do you need servicing or repairs of an existing system in your home?

We can help you. Clearwater Plumbing & Heating Services have installed and worked on many Underfloor Heating systems in Purfleet over the years with a team of highly experienced gas safe registered engineers.

Whatever your type of home, heating needs or budget, we can find a solution for you.

Wet Underfloor Heating

Wet Underfloor Heating is connected to your Boiler and circulates hot water throughout pipes that run under the floor.
Pipes can be set into a screed, run between floorboard joists or fitted over the top of existing screed/concrete.
Pipes are insulated with Celotex, pre-cut tiles or metal plates. The insulation heats with the pipes. Once hot, the insulation expels heat throughout the room for hours, even once switched off.
Wet Underfloor Heating is incredibly efficient, a cheaper way to heat homes than with traditional radiators.

Electric Underfloor Heating

Electric Underfloor Heating is a quicker, easier to install solution that’s powered directly by mains electricity.
Electric cables run under the floor (instead of hot water pipes) and heat when switched on.
Electric cables are also insulated for full heat output across the room and the best possible energy efficiency.
Electric cables are pre-fitted onto insulated mats that sit under the floor or are set into the screed.
Single electric cables are used in small and awkwardly shaped areas.

Wet Or Electric System?

Both Wet and Electric systems will work with all types of flooring. While electric systems will work in any home, wet systems are only possible in homes with a Boiler powered central heating system.

The main difference between both systems is wet systems are cheaper t run but cost more to install, while electric systems cost less to install but more to run.

Our engineer will help determine the best system for your home and budget during your free no-obligation survey.

Underfloor Heating Servicing & Repairs

Once your systems installed, it’ll give you decades of trouble-free service. The majority of the parts are out of harm’s way and near impossible to damage.

If you have an existing system and there’s damage under the floor, we’ll quickly detect the issue with a thermal imaging camera. Repairs can then be planned.

Above the ground, parts such as the manifold, valves and pump may need replacing at some point. These parts are easy to reach and replace.

It doesn’t hurt to have your system checked every now and then. An engineer will check all the seals for tightness and ensure the manifold, pump, and valves are all working properly.

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