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Underfloor Heating offers many benefits, and here’s why you should consider having Underfloor Heating installed in your home.

  1. Conventional radiators heat the room from a single area on the wall. Underfloor Heating heats the room throughout from the floor up.
  2. The whole rooms heated and heat remains consistent throughout unlike radiator heated rooms with warmer and colder areas.
  3. The heating elements (wet pipes or electric coils) are hidden under the floor. You can’t see them, they don’t take up any space and are near impossible to damage.
  4. Underfloor Heating’s incredibly energy efficient, less energy’s required to heat a room and keep it warm compared to conventional radiators.
  5. Pipes and coils are fully insulated, so once warm the floor stays warm for many hours even after the Heating’s switched off.
  6. The floor always feels warm underfoot, comfortable and luxurious, especially nice in winter. Radiator heated rooms often have cold floors.
  7. Less consumed energy means cheaper energy bills and a lower carbon footprint.
  8. Radiators are no longer needed so are removed, freeing up wall space that can be used for furniture or storage. Otherwise, the room will feel and look bigger.
  9. The system is maintenance-free and will run a long time without any attention required.
  10. All the essential components are above the ground, easy to access and work on for serving and quick part replacement.
  11. Underfloor Heating works with gas, electric and oil central heating systems or can be powered directly from the electricity supply.
  12. Underfloor Heating is attractive to house buyers and will add value to your home.

Underfloor Installation

If you’re interested in having an Underfloor Heating system installed, we can send an engineer over to inspect your property, discuss the various options and write you a free no-obligation quote.

Underfloor Heating offers many solutions enabling a system to be installed in properties of any type, size and age. Pipes can be set into a screed. This method works well for new builds, extensions and homes with generous room heights.

In older homes, floorboards are lifted, so pipes and insulation are laid between the joists. Alternatively, engineers can lay low profile electric coils preset on insulated mats over the existing floor before flooring’s laid over the top.

There are many ways to install Underfloor Heating. The best system for you will depend on your property, your existing Boiler and central heating system and your budget.

Our engineer will help you decide the best system for you during the survey.

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