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Clearwater Plumbing & Heating offers Underfloor Heating installation, service and repair to the residents of Grays and the surrounding areas.

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Why Underfloor Heating Is The Best Heating

Underfloor Heating is by far the best form of domestic Heating and far superior in every way to standard radiators.


Even-Heat Distribution

First of all, heats distributed throughout the whole room, not just from where the radiator is. Pipes (wet system) or electric coils (electric system) run under the entire floor which feels warm underfoot throughout. Heating from the floor rises and feels warmer and cosier than radiator heat.

Energy Efficient

Once Underfloor Heating is warm, and the screed/insulation that holds the pipes in place is warm, it stays warm for hours using little energy. Underfloor Heating is incredibly energy efficient requiring less power than radiators to heat any given area. By converting to Underfloor Heating you’ll save energy and money, you’ll also lower your carbon footprint.

Maintenance Free

Underfloor Heating requires little to no maintenance and is near impossible to damage.

Saves Space

Underfloor Heating free’s up space as there’s no need for radiators. There’s more wall space which makes your home look more prominent.

Attractive To Home Buyers

Underfloor Heating is attractive to home buyers, an excellent feature to have if you ever sell your home.


There are two types of Underfloor Heating wet and electric

Wet System

Wet system Underfloor Heating uses pipes heated by water via your Boiler. The pipes are run around the room and clipped to Celotex insulation and in the screed or with aluminium plates set between floorboards. Hot water’s pumped around the pipes. The screed/aluminium plates get hot and emit heat for many hours—a thermostat’s connected to the system so you can regulate room temperature.

Electric System

Electric System Underfloor Heating utilises electric cables that are run around the room and wired into the mains electricity supply, electricity heats the bale which in turn heats the room. Cables are supplied ready fitted to mats which are screeded over (great for large areas) fitted into foil mats (when screening isn’t an option) or loosely as a flexible cable (better for smaller awkwardly shaped spaces).

Wet Or Electric?

Wet System Underfloor Heating is more expensive to install but more economical to run while Electric Underfloor Heating is cheaper to install but more costly to run.

Always Use Professional Installers

Underfloor Heating is a complicated job that should be undertaken by experienced Gas Engineers and Electricians. Clearwater Plumbing & Heating fit both Wet and Electric system Underfloor Heating our engineers can fit the perfect system for your home.

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Service & Repair

Once installed, Underfloor Heating systems remain trouble-free for a long time. However, it doesn’t hurt to get your system checked once in a while. One of our engineers can check your manifold and pump, making sure everything in order, all connections are tight and replacing any worn seals.

We also offer Underfloor heating repairs. Misfunctioning pumps, manifolds and valves can be repaired or replaced. In the unlikely event an underground pipe’s damaged we can locate the leak with a thermal imaging camera and deal with it accordingly.