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Clearwater Plumbing & Heating are Underfloor heating Specialists operating in Diss and the surrounding areas.

Our experienced Gas Safe Registered engineers can fit Underfloor Heating in any kind of home, whether you live in a house or flat whether your home is new or over a century old.

There are multiple solutions when it comes to Underfloor Heating, contact us today for a free no-obligation survey and quote.

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Underfloor Heating works on the principle of rising heat that’s distributed over the entire surface of the room. This is achieved by running hot water pipes (wet system) or electric cables under the floor. Wet system pipes and electric cables are surrounded by insulation. The pipes heat the insulation which stays warm for many hours heating the room.

Underfloor Heating Benefits

  • Underfloor Heating installations offer a range of benefits over traditional heating systems. Benefits include…
  • Heating elements are hidden out of sight underneath the floor
  • Heat distribution is even throughout the room, not just from one area on the wall.
  • Room temperatures remain more consistent throughout
  • Underfloor heated Rooms are heated more efficiently than radiator heated rooms, consuming less energy leading to lower energy bills
  • Elimination of radiators creates wall space making rooms look and feel bigger while giving you more room for storage and furniture
  • Wet system Underfloor is cheaper to run than traditional central heating systems
  • Underfloor Heating systems are very low maintenance and last a long time
  • Underfloor Heating is attractive to home buyers and prospective tenants. A system will add value to your home while making it easier to sell or rent your property

Underfloor Heating Installation

You have the choice of a wet or electric system when installing Underfloor Heating. Clearwater Plumbers install both. Wet systems draw hot water from your Boiler while electric systems use heated coils powered by your home electric supply. Your preferred system will depend on your existing heating system and your budget.

While electric systems can be installed in any home (all homes have electricity) wet systems can only be installed if a Boilers present.
Many homeowners, however, have the choice of a wet or electric system. Wet systems are more expensive to install than electric systems but are cheaper to run. One of our engineers will inspect your home and heating system before going through all the options and prices with you, helping you decide the best system for your home and budget.

Underfloor Heating Service & Repair

We offer service and repair for existing Underfloor Heating systems in Diss and the surrounding towns and villages.
If you have an old wet system, you have likely enjoyed many years of trouble-free heating. We can inspect your system and make sure everything’s working properly. We’ll test the pump and valve, replace worn seals and tighten loose connections. We can undertake all forms of Underfloor Heating repair, including manifold, pump and valve replacement. In the unlikely event, you have a leak under the floor we can quickly find the leak with a thermal imaging camera and undertake the necessary repairs.

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