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Welcome To Clearwater Plumbing & Heating we are a team of Gas Safe Registered Heating Engineers and Underfloor Heating Specialists installing systems in and around Colchester.

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Over the years we have fitted all types of Underfloor Heating in homes of all ages and sizes. There are various Underfloor Heating solutions designed for all manner of situations. You can have a system installed that’ll work in conjunction with your existing Boiler and central heating system or an electric system which is wired into the mains supply.

We offer free no-obligation surveys and quotes for Underfloor heating Sytems. An engineer will visit your property and advise on the best type of system for your home and the rooms you want to heat.

Underfloor Heating boasts a range of advantages over traditional style heating systems, far better at heating rooms and more energy-efficient than standard radiators. Underfloor Heating heats the entire room from the floor up. Radiators only heat the room from a single area of the wall. Meaning more energy is required to heat a room. Removing radiators also frees up valuable wall space which can then be used for placing furniture or storage.

Both wet system pipes and electric system heating elements run out of sight under the floor in specially made insulation or screed. The pipes and electric elements heat up and heating the insulation or screed, which stays warm for hours, heating the room in the process. The warm insulation emits heat for many hours even after the heatings switched off. It’s for this reason that Underfloor Heating is incredibly energy efficient. You’ll likely notice a drop in your energy spend after an installation.

Room heat distribution is even, and the entire floor feels warm underfoot. Underfloor Heating adds an extra dimension of comfort and luxury to your home. Most parts of an Underfloor Heating System are below ground, making them near impossible to damage. The working parts are installed above ground in a discreet area. Underfloor Heating systems are easy to work on with parts being easy to replace, although it’ll be many years before you’ll have to replace parts.

Underfloor Heating pipes are expected to last 35 plus years. The working parts involve a manifold, thermostat, pump and motorised valves. These parts may need replacing after 10-15 years—a straightforward operation for our experienced engineers who will restore your system back to its former glory.

If you haven’t experienced any trouble with your Underfloor Heating system, it’s a good idea to have it checked every now and then. An engineer can inspect your system, replace any worn valves and seals while tightening loose connections, so your system continues to run smoothly without trouble.

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