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Underfloor Heating is far superior to conventional Heating in various ways. Homeowners with an Underfloor Heating system installed enjoy consistent, more comfortable heat and increased energy efficiency with lower heating bills.

Clearwater Plumbing & Heating have been installing Underfloor Heating systems in Claydon for several years. Our engineers are Gas Safe Registered and install both wet system and electric Underfloor Heating.

A system can be installed in any property, no matter the size, age, location or fuel supply. There’s a solution for every home.
Wet System Underfloor Heating is connected to your existing central heating system and runs off hot water supplied by your Boiler.
Electric Underfloor Heating is connected to the mains electricity supply and is switched on like any other electrical appliance.

Our engineers will design and build your Underfloor Heating system, the perfect system for your home and heating requirements.

What Does An Underfloor Heating Installation Involve?

Underfloor Heating systems are built to a pre-designed plan and stringent procedures to ensure speedy, correct installation and minimal disruption.

Here’s an example of an Underfloor Heating installation installed downstairs in a new screed floor and upstairs underneath the floorboards, a typical installation for homeowners who want Underfloor Heating on both floors.

  1. First of all, old flooring is removed, and floorboards are lifted. Notches are cut in between floorboard joists upstairs while the bottom floor is prepared for a new screed.
  2. A manifold is fitted in a discreet easy to reach area (such as a cupboard) close to your Boiler. A pump and motorised valves are fitted here also. A thermostat connected and fitted to a convenient area on a wall.
  3. The bottom floor is Celotex fitted throughout and taped, so it’s secure. Upstairs insulations placed between the floor joists, usually Celotex or aluminium spreader plates.
  4. Pipes are connected to the manifold and run in a snake-like manner that covers the whole floor and fixed to the insulation with clips, ensuring the pipe will never move.
  5. All pipes undergo pressure testing and are inspected for leaks. Once the engineers are happy, everything’s in full working order. The screed is laid over the floor and in between the joists (if necessary) and left to harden.
  6. Once the screed has set, floorboards are relaid upstairs, and both floors are ready for the new flooring.
  7. You can now enjoy your Underfloor Heating system for years of trouble-free service.

Underfloor Heating Servicing & Repairs

If you already have an Underfloor Heating system, we undertake servicing and repairs in case you’re experiencing any issues.

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