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Underfloor Heating has become incredibly popular in Chafford Hundred households in recent years due to the comfort and energy efficiency it provides.

Clearwater Plumbing & Heating install service and repair wet and electric Underfloor Heating systems in and around Chafford Hundred.

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Wet Or Electric Underfloor Heating?

There are two types of Underfloor Heating Wet and Electric. Both provide efficient heat and are maintenance-free once fitted. They do, however, have their differences.

Wet System Underfloor Heating

Wet System Underfloor Heating works with all flooring types. Pipes are run underneath the floor. Pipes can be set into a screed or fitted between floor joists.

A manifold draws hot water from the Boiler and uses a pump to circulate the hot water through the underfloor pipes.

The pipes get hot and heat surrounding insulation, whether it’s screed, Celotex, insulated tiles or aluminium plates. Insulation is always used with Underfloor Heating systems, and the type fitted depends on the floor. The insulation stays hot for many hours, heating the room throughout.

A Thermostat’s connected to the system so you can control the temperature of each room.  Wet system underfloor heating can be used in conjunction with the latest smart controls also.

Electric System Underfloor Heating

Electric System Underfloor Heating works independently of the homes central heating system. The system’s powered by mains electricity.
Instead of heated wet pipes, electric coils are used. These coils run under the floor and heat up when switched on.

Electric Systems come in various forms; the type used depends on the floor and the room’s size where the installations are taking place.

For most rooms, we use mats with pre-installed electric coils. The mats are laid across the surface area and connected. Once laid, the mats are screeded over. The screed then acts as insulation.

In rooms that are not screeded, pre-insulated mats are used, and the floorings laid directly over the top.
For smaller or awkwardly shaped rooms, we fit electric coils manipulated to the required shape.

The Main Difference Between Wet & Electric Systems

The main difference between Wet and Electric Underfloor Heating systems is

  • Wet systems are more complex, time-consuming and expensive to install but cost less to run.
  • Electric systems are quicker, easier and cheaper to install but cost more to run.

Whatever system you choose, both will give you years of reliable, maintenance-free service and a level of comfort not possible with standard radiators.

Underfloor Heating Service & Repair

If you already have an underfloor Heating system, we can undertake servicing and repairs. One of our engineers will make your old system run better by checking and, if necessary, replacing the pump, tightening connections and replacing seals.

Our engineers also have the know-how to fix any issues you may be experiencing, such as cold spots or insufficient heat.

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