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Welcome To Clearwater Plumbers our Gas Safe Registered engineers service Boilers in Stanford Le Hope and the surrounding Areas.

Boiler Servicing covers most makes of Boiler and all types of Boilers including System, Combination and Regular/Traditional Boilers.

Servicing includes all fuel types such as Gas, Electric and Oil.

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Boilers Should be serviced Annually to ensure optimal efficiency, lower fuel bills, protection from boiler breakdown and carbon monoxide poisoning, and validate your home insurance and Boiler warranty.

Boiler Servicing involves a stringent procedure undertaken to the manufacturer’s instructions. Here’s what a Boiler service typically involves.

  1. The outer casings inspected for leaks and corrosion. Water droplets or damage to the case is an indication that seals broken, or a pressure valve has failed. The outer casing is removed and inspected on the inside also. If the casings damaged, we may offer a repair or replacement.
  2. All pipework’s inspected to ensure connections are tight and there’s no leaking.
  3. Next, we check the seals for corrosion and tightness. Loose connections are tightened where necessary.
  4. The Boilers switched on, and the pressures checked. If the pressure’s incorrect, we’ll adjust it to the optimal level. Pressure checking also allows us to establish if there are any potential blockages in the system. Blockages cause fluctuating pressure which will cause continuous switching off.
  5. Working components are cleaned. Clean components allow the Boiler to run smoothly and accurate testing and correct adjusting of components such as the gas burner.
  6. A gas rate check’s undertaken to ensure the Boilers burning the correct amount of gas per hour.
  7. The level of oxygen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are checked with a flue gas analyser. This test shows the efficiency and safety of your Boiler.
  8. The Flue’s visually inspected also, making sure it’s fitted properly and functioning correctly and doesn’t pose any risks.
  9. Ventilations checked to ensure the Boilers getting the required ten cubic meters of air for every cubic meter of gas burned.
  10. All the Boiler safety devices (which prevent damage in a Boiler failure event) are visually inspected and tested.
  11. The Boiler and pipes are tested for leaking gas.
  12. Once the service’s finished, the case is refitted, and the Boilers switched on. The engineer will check your radiators are getting hot and bleed them if necessary.
  13. A service record’s written keep this in a safe place. You may need to produce the record if you need to use a home emergency cover or claim on the manufacturer’s warranty.

The engineer undertaking the service may offer recommendations, so you get the most out of your Boiler. Our engineers are very friendly and are happy to answer any questions you may have and offer advice on anything related to Plumbing and Heating.

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