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    Boilers of all types and brands are serviced, including combination, system, regular, gas, electric, and oil boilers.

    A complete service is performed in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer and includes the following…

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    Engineers with extensive experience and Gas Safe certification

    An experienced Gas Safe Registered engineer will perform the boiler servicing. You’re welcome to book at a time that is convenient for you. Gas Safe ID is presented on arrival.

    Checking for leaks

    To start, the engineer removes the Boiler casing from the Boiler and inspects it from top to bottom for corrosion, indicating a leak within the Boiler. We’ll tighten a loose seal on discovering a leak or replace a faulty valve to stop it.

    Checking the pipework

    The engineer will then ensure that the pipes serving the Boiler are tight and leak-free and also inspected for corrosion.

    Cleaning of the internal parts

    There is a thorough cleaning of all internal boiler components. As a result, the Boiler runs more efficiently and can be tested more accurately when the parts are clean.

    Flow and pressure of water

    A pressure and flow check is performed, and if necessary, adjustments are made in the form of repressurising or releasing pressure if it’s too high. If your Boiler drops in pressure, It is possible that a blockage is causing low pressure. In such a case, the Boiler may constantly switch off.

    Safety Device Testing

    Safety devices are included in boilers to prevent damage in case of a failure and sudden shutdown. Therefore, checking and testing safety devices is necessary to ensure proper function.

    Checking the gas rate

    The engineer ensures that the correct amount of gas is consumed by running a gas rate check. Then, if necessary, the engineer will adjust the pressure of the gas burners.

    Checking the flue

    Carbon monoxide, dioxide, and oxygen are measured with a flue gas analyser placed inside the flue. We perform this test to ensure the flues correctly remove all excess gasses and prevent carbon monoxide risks. Additionally, we ensure that burning fuel is not creating unnecessary waste.

    Checking Ventilation

    Boilers require ten cubic meters of air for every cubic meter of gas. Therefore, checking the ventilation and ensuring that your boilers receive the necessary air is part of the service.

    Testing the Boiler

    Once the boilers have been cleaned, and the test is complete, the case is refitted, and the Boilers switched on and checked it’s working correctly.

    To ensure your radiators are heating effectively, the engineer checks their temperature and bleeds them if necessary. Your radiators will not heat up entirely if too much air is in them.

    Record of Servicing

    Once the engineer finishes the work, a service record will be written. You can prove that a Gas Safe registered engineer serviced your boilers in case of an insurance/home emergency/warranty claim.

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