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Clearwater Plumbing and Heating offer Boiler Servicing in Framlingham and the surrounding towns and villages.

Gas, Oil & LPG Boilers Serviced

All Boilers, whether gas, electric or oil, are serviced and repaired by Gas Safe Registered engineers.

Our Boiler Servicing covers all makes and models. Our prices are among the best in the area.

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The Boiler Servicing Procedure

Boiler servicing is performed according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and the model of your Boiler.

  1. We’ll send an engineer who is Gas Safe Registered to your home at the agreed date and time. You can be sure you’re using a qualified, legal, and insured professional with a Gas Safe ID.
  2. It’s time to remove the boiler casing and inspect it. The presence of water, condensation or corrosion indicates a leak inside the Boiler. The cause of any suspected leak is investigated and rectified.
  3. A thorough inspection and tightening of all seals are performed, as leaks can occur and cause damage when seals are loose.
  4. There is a thorough cleaning of the Boiler’s working components. A clean boiler runs more efficiently and effectively. Clean boilers are also easier to test than those that are dirty.
  5. The testing process begins. The first thing we’ll do is check the flow and pressure of the water. Pressure is adjusted as needed and monitored. If pressure drops, there is a blockage or fault with the pump.
  6. We test all internal safety devices. In the event that the Boiler suddenly stops, these devices prevent damage to internal components.
  7. The engineer verifies the gas is burning at the correct rate per hour. The burner pressures tested and adjusted as needed.
  8. An oxygen, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide detector is placed inside the flue to ensure the Boiler operates safely and efficiently.
  9. The ventilation of your Boiler needs to be checked to ensure it is getting enough air to run smoothly and to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.
  10. The engineer ensures excess gases are expelled from the flue while heat is retained.
  11. There is a check and test conducted on the Boiler and pipework to make sure that there’s no leaking gas.
  12. An inspection of the condensate pipe gets too low, it might freeze, and your Boiler will not function.
  13. Once the service has been completed, the boilers will be switched on, and the radiators will be checked.
  14. The service is complete as soon as the engineers are satisfied your Boiler’s running properly and your radiators are heating up properly. A service record’s written for you. Insurance and warranties on boilers require this document.

Following the Boiler service, you can rest assured your Boiler is clean, safe and running at optimal efficiency. 

Contact us today to book your Boiler Service. We have various time slots available, so you can book an appointment at a convenient time for you.

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