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We are Gas Safe Registered Engineers who service Boilers in and around Woodbridge.

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To keep your Boiler running optimally, you must have an annual Boiler service. All Boiler manufacturers recommend your Boiler is serviced every 12 months by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer. Servicing is usually a condition for Boiler warranties and insurance policies also.

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All Boilers Serviced

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Looking After Your Boiler

Boilers are on the go 365 days a year supplying your home with hot water and heat, as such, they need looking after. Servicing ensures your Boiler is burning the required amount of fuel while minimising waste, saving money on your heating bill.

All servicing is undertaken to the manufacturer’s specifications and following Gas Safe regulations.

All seals and pipework are checked for tightness and leaks. Leaks cause corrosion to internal parts and casing left alone the damage will become more severe. Servicing allows the identification and elimination of leaks.

All internal components are cleaned and inspected for wear and damage uncovering any underlying issues in the process. Small issues can be rectified or planned for repair before they become more serious.

All internal parts of the Boiler are tested for correct function, for example, the gas burner tested to ensure it’s running at the correct pressure and adjusted as necessary.

Keeping Your Family Warm & Safe

After serving Your Boiler will run smoothly and safely, giving you continuous hot water and heating and won’t present a carbon monoxide risk.

While Carbon Monoxide poisoning is rare and unlikely, it’s always a possibility when a fuel-burning appliance is present. (All homes with gas boilers should have carbon monoxide alarms as a precaution )

During the service, we’ll analyse oxygen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide rates with a flue gas analyser. We’ll also check the ventilation to ensure the boilers receiving enough oxygen for the amount of gas burned.

Next, we check the flue, ensuring all unwanted gasses are expelled as they should be. This procedure ensures your Boilers safe to use.

Protection From Boiler Breakdown

The chances of Boiler failure are significantly reduced after servicing. Boiler breakdowns are always a headache and never happen at a convenient time.

Most Boiler breakdowns occur in freezing weather the time of year the boilers working it’s hardest. Gas engineers are also very busy at this time of year.

No one wants to sit in a freezing house waiting for a repair. Protect yourself from this unpleasant scenario with an annual boiler service.

After Servicing

Once the service is complete we’ll check the Boiler works properly and you have hot water and heating. Radiators are bled if required.

Our engineer may make some recommendations so you can get the most out of your Boiler and heating system.

All servicing is accompanied by a service record which shows your Boilers been serviced by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer.

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