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We are a team of Gas Safe Registered Engineers who undertake Boiler Servicing in Upminster and the surrounding areas.

We service all types and makes of Boiler, which include

  • Gas, Electric and Oil powered
  • Combination Boilers (those without water tanks and a cylinder)
  • System Boilers (those that incorporate a pressurised cylinder)
  • Regular Boilers (traditional style system with tanks, cylinder and pump)
  • Boiler makes include Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Baxi, Potterton and more
  • All servicing is done to the Boiler manufacturers guidelines
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Here is an example of a typical Boiler service

  1. One of our Gas Safe Registered engineers will arrive at your property at the booked time and show you the relevant Gas Safe ID on arrival.
  2. The Boiler case is inspected on the outside, then removed and inspected on the inside. The engineers are looking for signs of corrosion that indicate a leak. The casing is then cleaned inside and out.
  3. All the seals are checked to ensure tightness and are not leaking water. Loose seals are retightened. Worn seals will need replacing.
  4. All the pipework inside and around the Boiler is checked for tightness also. Again retigtened if nessecary.
  5. The internal components of the Boiler are cleaned to allow accurate visual inspection and testing.
  6. The water pressure is checked and set to the correct level if necessary. To high pressure can cause problems such as leaky seals. While too low, the Boiler won’t run correctly.
  7. The gas burner is meticulously cleaned and tested using a gas rate check. The burner will be adjusted if necessary. This ensures your Boilers burning the right amount of gas.
  8. The water pressure is monitored for consistency. If it drops, there’s an issue such as a faulty seal or blockage. If this is the case, the engineer will investigate further.
  9. The engineer measures the rate of oxygen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide with the aid of a flue gas analyser that’s placed inside the flue. This test ensures all potentially dangerous gasses are being expelled properly.
  10. The engineer will also ensure the flues keeping heat and not letting it unnecessarily escape. The ventilation around the Boiler and flue is also checked.
  11. All safety and relief valves are tested. These devices prevent damage to the Boiler in case it ever comes to an abrupt halt.
  12. The Boiler and pipework are tested to ensure no gas is leaking.
  13. The case is refitted, and the Boilers switched on and tested. The engineer will ensure your radiators are heating up properly.
  14. A service records written which will validate any Boiler warranties, insurance you may have.

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