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Our Gas Safe Registered Engineers service Boilers in Tilbury.

Servicing once a year is the best way to look after your Boiler, allowing optimal energy efficiency while reducing the chances of breaking down.

We Service

  • Gas, Electric and Oil Boilers
  • Combination, System & Regular Boilers
  • All Makes Of Boiler
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Boiler Servicing Procedure

All Boiler servicing’s undertaken to a set procedure outlined by the boiler manufacturer. All parts of the Boiler’s covered to ensure an effective service.

Here’s an example of a typical Boiler service undertaken by Clearwater Plumbing & Heating

  1. The engineer turns up at the agreed time and presents the required Gas Safe ID, so you know you’re using an experienced, legal engineer.
  2. The casing’s inspected on the outside for signs of rust or corrosion. The case is then removed and inspected on the inside before being cleaned.
  3. Corroded Boiler casing’s a sign of a leak if we find rust we’ll locate the leak. Minor repairs can be done to damaged cases if necessary. Badly corroded cases may require replacing.
  4. All the seals and pipework are checked for corrosion, tightness and leaking. Loose connections are tightened, so any leaking ceases.
  5. The pressures checked and monitored, a pressure that continuously drops will cause the Boiler to switch off regularly. Falling pressure is a sign of a blockage somewhere in the system. The engineer will locate any blockages.
  6. All the parts inside the Boiler are cleaned. Clean parts work better, and they allow the engineer to conduct the necessary tests with accuracy.
  7. The gas burners thoroughly cleaned. Afterwards, the gas burner pressures checked and adjusted to the optimal level as dictated by the Boiler manufacturer.
  8. A gas meter is utilised for a gas rate check, ensuring your Boilers burn the correct volume of gas.
  9. Next, we check the oxygen, carbon monoxide, and dioxide rates with a flue gas analyser. This test ensures the Boilers running efficiently and doesn’t pose a carbon monoxide risk.
  10. Boilers must receive ten cubic meters of air for every cubic meter of gas burned. We check the ventilation to ensure your Boilers getting the required amount of air.
  11. Boilers feature safety devices and relief valves to prevent damage to the Boiler in the event of the fault. All safety devices are checked and tested for correct function.
  12. The flues checked and tested to ensure that all the waste gasses are expelled safely while efficiently retaining heat. The flue’s adjusted accordingly to achieve this.
  13. The Boiler and surrounding pipeworks are gone over with a gas leak detector to make sure there’s no leaking gas.
  14. The case is refitted, and the Boiler’s switched on. Our engineer will ensure your Boilers running correctly and check the radiators are heating up.
  15. If necessary, the radiators are bled and the valves adjusted, so you have optimal heat output.
  16. Our engineer will write you an official service record. Keep the record as it validates home breakdown insurance and Boiler warranties.

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