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Make sure your heating stays on with a Clearwater Boiler Service

We are a team of Gas Safe Registered engineers and our servicing prices are amongst the best in Thurrock.

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Boiler Servicing Offers The Following Benefits

  • The chance of Boiler breakdown is significantly reduced
  • Your Boiler will run at maximal efficiency (that’s possible for your Boiler)
  • Full efficiency means lower heating bills
  • Ensures your Boilers, not a carbon monoxide risk
  • Any underlying issues uncovered can be repaired immediately or at a future date
  • Servicing validates manufacturers warranties and home breakdown cover policies
  • After servicing your Boiler you are less likely to experience a costly Boiler breakdown or worse a condemned Boiler that must be replaced
  • Servicing ensures the cleaning and testing of all major components

Our Gas engineers can be booked at a convenient time that suits your schedule. Your Boiler’s following a stringent procedure that covers all aspects of the working parts involved.

Once servicing is complete, your Boiler will be clean. All elements will be in place with no loose connections that would have been hindering your Boilers performance.

You Boiler will be running at full efficiency, (please note efficiency will depend on your Boiler type, age and condition). You’ll get the most out of your energy spend (Around 60% of a typical household energy bill is used for running the Boiler).

We service all makes and all types of Boiler

Boiler Service Procedure

  1. The servicing procedure may vary slightly depending on the Boiler that’s being serviced, but here’s how a service typically goes
  2. The casing is removed and inspected for corrosion, which means there’s a leak present caused by a faulty component
  3. All seals and pipework are checked to make sure there are no leaks, and the connections are tight
  4. All internal parts are cleaned, which improves function and allows us to accurately test the parts also
  5. Water pressures checked to ensure there are no blockages present in pipes or components
  6. Gas burner pressure tested, incorrect pressure is corrected, so your Boiler burns the proper amount of gas. We conduct a gas rate check using a gas meter also
  7. The flues checked visually for signs of wear and tested with a flue gas analyser. This test makes sure all noxious gasses are adequately expelled and don’t pose a carbon monoxide risk
  8. All safety devices and valves are checked and tested. Safety devices minimise Boiler damage incase the Boiler ever fails and comes to an abrupt stop
  9. We ensure there’s adequate ventilation for the Boiler to function correctly and there’s no leaking gas in the Boiler or pipes
  10. Once the service is completed, a service record is written
  11. The engineer will check the Boilers working ok and may offer some recommendations for boiler repairs (if any faults are found) or central heating system settings, so you get the most out of your Boiler

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