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Clearwater Plumbing and Heating Offer Boiler Servicing in South Ockenden and the surrounding towns and villages.

Our company comprises Gas Safe Registered engineers who service all types and makes of Boiler including combination, system and regular whether they are gas, electric or oil.

All makes of Boiler are covered under our servicing also.

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The Boiler Service

Our Boiler servicing follows a stringent procedure that adheres to your Boiler model and manufacturers guidelines.

  1. One of our friendly engineers will turn up at the agreed time and present the Gas Safe Registered ID card. This documentation ensures you’re using a qualified, legal and insured professional.
  2. The Boiler casing’s removed and inspected. Any signs of water, condensation or corrosion indicate there’s a leak somewhere inside the Boiler. Any suspected leaks are investigated and rectified.
  3. All the seals are checked and tightened if required. Loose seals will leak, which can cause damage.
  4. The working components of the Boiler are cleaned. Cleaning helps your Boiler to run better and efficiently. A clean Boiler is also easier to test than a dirty one.
  5. Testing commences. First of all, we’ll check the water flow and pressure. The pressures adjusted as necessary and monitored. Dropping pressure is the indication of a blockage or pump fault.
  6. All internal safety devices are tested. These devices stop damage occurring to internal components if ever the Boiler comes to an abrupt halt. (power cut or Boiler breakdown.
  7. The gas burner pressures tested and adjusted if required, so the gas is being burnt at the correct rate per hour.
  8. We place a flue gas analyser inside the flue and measure the rate of oxygen, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide to establish boiler safety and efficiency.
  9. Boilers need a certain amount of air to run properly and prevent carbon monoxide poisoning; therefore, the ventilations checked to ensure your Boiler’s getting enough.
  10. The engineer visually inspects and tests the flue to ensure excess gasses are expelled and valuable heat is retained and not lost.
  11. The Boiler and pipework are checked and tested for leaking gas.
  12. The condensate pipes checked. This pipe must be adequately insulated. Otherwise, it could freeze in cold conditions. If the pipe freezes in winter, your Boiler will stop working.
  13. Once the service is completed, the Boilers switched on, and the radiators are checked.
  14. When, the engineers, satisfied your Boilers running correctly and your radiators are heating up a service record’s written for you. You’ll need this document for Boiler insurance and warranties.

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