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All types and Makes of Boilers covered including combination, system,  regular, gas, electric and oil.

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Clearwater Boiler Service

Servicing’s undertaken as per the manufacturer’s instructions and covers the following.

Competent, Certified Engineers

All Boiler servicing’s undertaken by one of our experienced Gas Safe Registered engineers who’ll show up at your property at the agreed time and present the necessary gas safe id.

Leak Checks

First of all, the Boiler casing’s removed and inspected inside and out for corrosion which tells us there’s a leak. We’ll establish the source and stop the leak by tightening a loose seal or replacing a faulty valve on discovering a leak.


Next, the engineer will check that the pipework serving the Boiler’s tight, leak and corrosion-free.

Internal Cleaning

All internal Boiler components are cleaned. Cleaning helps the Boiler run better and allows accurate testing.

Waterflow & Pressure

The pressure and water flow are checked and adjusted if required. Low pressure may be an indication of a blockage which will cause issues such as constant switching off.

Safety Devices

Boilers incorporate safety devices to prevent damage if the Boiler experiences a failure and comes to an abrupt stop. Safety devices are checked and tested.

Gas Rate Check

A gas rate check is run to ensure the correct amount of gas’s consumed. The pressure of the gas burners adjusted if necessary.

Flue Check

A flue gas analyser’s placed inside the flue to measure the rate of carbon monoxide, dioxide and oxygen. This test ensures the flues expelling all excess gasses properly, so we know your Boilers safe, there’s no carbon monoxide risk and nop unnecessary waste in burnt fuel.


Boilers require 10 meters of cubic air per meter of cubic gas. We check the ventilation and ensure your Boilers getting the air required.

Boiler Test

Once the Boilers clean and the test are completed, the case is refitted, and the Boilers switched on to ensure it’s working ok.
The engineer will check your radiators are getting hot and bleed them if necessary, as excess air will prevent them from heating entirely.

Service Record

Once the engineers completed the procedure, a service records written. The record proves your Boilers been serviced by a gas safe registered engineer.

Keep the service record as you’ll likely have to present it in the event of a home insurance or boiler warranty claim.

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