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Annual Boiler Servicing is the best way to ensure your Boiler is safe and runs smoothly. Clearwater Plumbing & Heating service Boilers in and around Kesgrave.

Competent Gas Safe Registered Engineers carry out the service, and our prices are amongst the best in the area.

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Gas, Oil & LPG Boilers Serviced


Benefits Of Clearwater Boiler Servicing

  1. We service all types and makes of Boiler
  2. Servicing ensures your Boilers as efficient as it can (how. efficient depends on your Boiler, condition and age)
  3. The risk of Boiler breakdown’s significantly reduced after servicing. Boiler breakdowns are widespread in winter when Boilers are running all day week in week out.
  4. A serviced Boiler will continue to provide heating and hot water throughout winter. No one enjoys sitting in the cold with no hot water waiting for a Boiler repair.
  5. All Boiler servicing’s undertaken by experienced Gas Safe Registered engineers who’ll produce their Gas safe ID on arrival. Rest assured the jobs being done by a friendly professional.
  6. Our engineers are always happy to answer any questions you may have about Boilers, central heating systems and Plumbing in general.
  7. Servicings carried out following a set procedure that adheres to the manufacturer’s instructions ensuring all the essential components are covered.
  8. The servicing procedure is clean and tidy with no disruption to the room the Boilers located in.
  9. All seals, valves, and safety devices are tested and inspected for leaks and correct function during the service.
  10. Minor issues uncovered during the service (such as lose pipes) can be rectified quickly during the service.
  11. If any significant issues are discovered, we’ll give you a free no-obligation quote to carry out the repair. We can sometimes undertake repairs the same day (if the parts are obtainable locally) otherwise we may have to order parts, and we’ll arrange a later date to return.
  12. We’ll never undertake any extra work without consulting you and agreeing on a price beforehand. You’ll have no unexpected extras added to the end of the service.
  13. Servicing includes checking for carbon monoxide. Following the service, you’ll be safe in the knowledge your Boilers safe and doesn’t pose a poisoning risk to you or your family.
  14. The Boilers thoroughly tested after servicing to make sure it’s working correctly. The engineer will check your radiators are heating up and bleed them if necessary.
  15. After the service is complete, a service record’s written. The record proves that your Boiler’s been serviced by a Gas Safe Registered engineer. The record validates home emergency cover and Boiler warranties.
  16. After the service, our engineer will tidy up leaving the work area as found. The engineer may offer recommendations on your central heating settings, so you get optimal use.

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