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Ipswich Boiler Servicing by Clearwater Plumbing & Heating.

All services undertaken by experienced Gas Safe Registered engineers who have serviced all types and makes of Boiler over the years.

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All Boilers Serviced Including Gas, Oil & LPG


Boiler Servicing Benefits

  1. All servicing’s undertaken to a stringent procedure covering every essential component of the Boiler
  2. Boilers should be serviced once a year. The service ensures your Boiler will run at best possible efficiency (possible for your Boiler efficiency will depend on the condition of your Boiler), converting more fuel to heat, which means saving energy and money.
  3. Any underlying issues are detected and can be rectified during the service, more severe problems that require replacement parts can be done there or then (if we stock parts) or at a later date if the part needs ordering.
  4. Servicing reduces the possibility of Boiler breakdown. Breakdowns generally occur in colder weather when the Boiler works continuously hard. Boiler breakdowns are never welcome, and annual servicing makes them far less likely.
  5. Engineers can offer advice and recommendations on how to run and maintain your system, so you get the most out of it and are less likely to suffer a breakdown. Our friendly engineers are always happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your Boiler and central heating system.
  6. You have peace of mind your Boilers safe and doesn’t pose a carbon monoxide risk.
  7. A service records provided, so you have proof your Boilers been serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer (essential for warranties and home breakdown cover)
  8. We service all types and make of Boiler.
  9. Our prices are among the best in Ipswich.

What Does Boiler Servicing Involve?

  • The Boiler casing is removed so we can inspect, clean and test the internal components. Boiler case is checked for rust, which suggests there may be a leak.
  • Seals and pressure valves are checked (both can leak if loose/faulty) seals are tightened where necessary. Faulty seals and pressure valves my need replacing.
  • All pipework is checked for tightness and corrosion. Loose connections are tightened.
  • Water flows checked to ensure it’s running at the correct pressure, and incorrect pressure is an indication of a possible blockage.
  • Safety devices are tested. Safety devices protect your Boiler form damage in the event of failure.
  • All internal components are cleaned. Clean parts ensure smooth running and clear testing.
  • A gas rate check is undertaken with a flue gas analyser. If your Boiler’s not burning the correct amount of gas adjustments are made.
  • The flues checked and tested with a flue gas analyser to make sure it’s working properly, expelling all unwanted and dangerous gasses.
  • Ventilation is checked, making sure there’s enough air present for every cubic meter of gas.
  • The Boiler is switched on, we check the Boilers running, and the radiators are getting hot.
  • The service records filled in, keep this for your records.

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