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Clearwater Plumbing & Heating Service Boilers In Corringham

Boiler servicing's undertaken by experienced and insured Gas Safe Registered engineers.

Benefits Of A Boiler Service

  • Clean Boilers run more efficiently
  • Serviced Boilers are less likely to breakdown
  • Servicing allows Boilers to run efficiently
  • Safety is established with a lower risk of carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Servicing validates Boiler warranties and home insurance
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Increased Efficiency & Breakdown Protection

Clearwater Plumbing & Heating have serviced many Boilers in and around Corringham over the past couple of decades. After servicing, your Boiler will run more efficiently, so you get more out of your energy spend. Allowing us to service your Boiler annually ensures smooth, consistent running with a lower chance of breaking down.

The Boiler works harder than any other appliance in the home, heating water day and night for you and your family. You want to look after your Boiler so it can continue providing a reliable service without breaking down. Boiler breakdowns are always inconvenient and unpleasant.

We have found that most Boiler breakdowns we attend occur on Boilers that are rarely or have never been serviced. Annual Boiler servicing is the best thing you can do to protect yourself from a breakdown and potentially expensive repairs.

Gas Safe Registered Engineers

All Clearwater Plumbing & heating engineers are Gas Safe Registered with lots of experience, having undertaken hundreds of Boiler services over the years.

Our engineer will always present their Gas Safe ID so you can rest assured your Boilers being worked on by a professional with the required legal credentials.

Correct Procedures

All Boiler servicing’s undertaken to the correct procedure as outlined by your Boiler manufacturer.

All components are cleaned, inspected and tested. Settings such as the gas burner are adjusted if necessary to ensure the correct amount of gas is burned.

If any faulty parts are uncovered, we can make the necessary adjustments to get them working correctly (for instance, loose seals), or we can plan for the repair replacement of the part.

The flues thoroughly checked and tested to ensure all harmful gasses are adequately expelled and your Boiler isn’t a carbon monoxide risk.

Once the Boilers cleaned and the tests are run, we’ll switch the Boiler back on and check it’s running correctly. If necessary, our engineer can adjust your radiators to ensure you’re getting the best heat output.

Service Record

On completion of the service, a record’s written to prove your Boilers been serviced by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer. This record is important for claiming on Boiler warranties or home emergency cover.

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