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Clearwater Plumbing & Heating has been servicing Boilers in Colchester and the surrounding areas for over 25 years.

We have a team of experienced Gas Safe Registered engineers to undertake your Boiler service to a high standard.

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Why Boilers Should Be Serviced Annually

Boilers work extremely hard, every day to heat, hot water and provide heat. Boilers burn fuel; as a consequence, internal components become dirty and need cleaning. Working parts such as valves and seals can wear over time also.

A service allows all internal elements to be cleaned, tested and inspected, so your Boiler runs more efficiently, wasting less fuel.
Servicing ensures your Boilers safe to use and the flues expelling all unwanted gasses as it should so there’s no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Servicing validates home emergency cover policies ensuring you’re covered in the event of Boiler failure. Serviced Boilers are far less likely to breakdown than unserviced boilers.

What Does A Boiler Service Involve?

Every part of the Boiler’s cleaned, inspected, tested during the service as per the Boiler manufacturers instructions. Here’s an example of a typical Boiler service…

  1. The Boiler case is taken off and inspected for water and corrosion, in case there’s a leak in the Boiler somewhere. The case’s cleaned appropriately inside and out
  2. Cleaning of all internal components commences before testing
  3. The seals and pipework’s inspected for leaks. New seals are fitted if necessary. Loose connections are tightened
  4. The water flow rate and pressure are tested. Pressure’s corrected if necessary. If we find a problem with pressure or flow, we’ll investigate further
  5. Safety and relief valves are tested. These valves prevent Boiler damage if a fault ever occurs
  6. Gas burner pressure’s checked and adjusted if required. Next, we use a gas meter to check the gas rate. Testing and adjusting ensure the correct amount of gas’s burned
  7. The flues visually checked for damage and blockages. A flue gas analysers used to measure carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and oxygen. This ensures there’s no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning
  8. The ventilations checked and tested to make sure enough airs present for every cubic meter of gas burned
  9. The Boiler and pipework are tested to ensure there’s no leaking gas
  10. After servicing the Boilers put back together and switched on our engineer will make sure it’s running properly and your radiators are heating up properly
  11. Our engineer may make some recommendations, so you get the most out of your heating system. common recommendations include carbon monoxide alarm installation, condensate pipe insulation (to prevent breakdown) and Powerflushing (if your systems badly clogged)
  12. The engineer tidies up and writes a service record for you to keep. This record proves a Gas Safe Registered engineer has serviced your Boiler

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