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Welcome to Clearwater Plumbing & Heating. We are a team of friendly gas safe registered engineers who will service your Boiler to a high standard.

Boilers work very hard every day of the year and should be looked after with an annual boiler service. Servicing ensures your Boiler runs efficiently with less chance of breaking down, which can be costly.

You’re welcome to book a Boiler service at a convenient time when you’re at home. We’ll send one of our friendly, professional engineers to undertake the service.

We service all types and makes of Boiler.

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Gas, Oil & LPG Boilers Serviced

We service all types of Boilers which include Gas (most common in Claydon homes) Oil and LPG

Benefits Of A Clearwater Boiler Service

All engineers are gas safe registered and will produce their safe gas id on arrival. You can relax in the knowledge a competent and insured engineer is doing the service with the required credentials.

The potential for boiler failure is greatly reduced following a Boiler service. Boiler breakdowns commonly happen in winter (we are called out to many during the winter months). Sometimes parts have to be ordered to undertake a boiler repair. In the meantime, you’re without heating and hot water.

Don’t let yourself fall victim to this unpleasant situation.

During the service, any existing underlying issues discovered can be fixed or planned for so you don’t experience a Boiler failure soon.
If faults are found, we can write a quote for the repair, which can be fixed on the day (if possible) or at a later date (if parts are required for order)

A clean Boiler is an efficient Boiler. All the essential components are thoroughly cleaned during the service. Afterwards, your Boiler will run better at the best possible efficiency (how much will depend on your Boilers age and condition). Lower energy bills are common following a service.

Servicing ensures all excess gasses are expelled properly and your Boilers, not a carbon monoxide risk. The engineer will check the gas is burned correctly, the ventilation adequate, and the flue’s functioning properly.

Servicing ensures that home breakdown insurance and Boiler warranties are validated. An annual service is a condition of most insurance policies and boiler manufacturer warranties—a service records provided on completion.

If necessary, our engineer will offer suggestions on how to get the most out of your Boiler and central heating system. A tweak of the controls and settings can work wonders.

Our engineers are tidy and friendly. Feel free to ask the engineer any questions or concerns you may have about your Boiler, Central heating system or plumbing in general.

Our servicing prices are amongst the best in Claydon.

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