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Welcome to Clearwater Plumbing & Heating. We service Boilers in Chafford Hundred and the surrounding areas.

All servicing is undertaken by experienced gas safe registered engineers, and we service all types and makes of Boilers.

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Boiler servicing is essential maintenance that’s often overlooked by homeowners. Boilers are used 365 days a year to heat hot water and provide heating in the colder months.

As fuel’s being burned, the Boiler accumulates dirt which gradually reduces the Boilers efficiency and increases the chance of Boiler failure.

Servicing involves cleaning the Boilers components and running tests ensuring everything’s in complete working order. Following a service, your Boiler will run more efficiently and is far less likely to breakdown. Boiler breakdowns are widespread in winter and are always inconvenient and unpleasant, often involving a period without heating or hot water.

What You Get From A Boiler Service

  1. A clean serviced Boiler ensures you’re not wasting fuel and money on your energy bills.
  2. Servicing your Boiler offers some degree of protection against Boiler failure.
  3. If we find any issues with your Boiler during the testing phase of the service, you can plan to have them addressed before they cause your Boiler to fail.
  4. Faulty seals and pressure valves are a breakdown waiting to happen. In the event we find any defective parts, they can be obtained and replaced.
  5. Minor issues such as low pressure and loose pipes that are leaking water will be rectified during the service.
  6. We’ll test all the safety devices of the Boiler. These devices are in place to prevent Boiler damage in the event of a breakdown. The engineer will make sure they’re all working correctly.
  7. Home insurance boiler breakdown policies won’t cover a Boiler that hasn’t been serviced in the previous 12 months. A service will validate your insurance.
  8. Servicing verifies your Boiler’s safe and doesn’t pose a carbon monoxide risk to you or your family. During the service, we’ll measure the levels of oxygen, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide with a flue gas analyser to ensure everything’s in order and all noxious gasses are expelled adequately.
  9. Once the engineer has finished the service and is satisfied, everything is clean and working correctly, the boilers put back together, and the work areas tidied, so it’s left as found.
  10. Our engineer will switch on the Boiler and check it’s heating your hot water and radiators properly. The radiators will be bled if necessary, so you have total heat output.
  11. A service records provided for you to keep for your records in case you ever need to make an insurance claim on your Boiler

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