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Gas Safe Registered Engineers are available 24 hours a day to attend Boiler repairs.
We repair all types and makes of Boiler and will have your Boiler back running in no time.
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All Boilers Repaired

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  • Oil
  • LPG
  • Combination
  • System
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Has Your Boiler Broken?

If your Boilers broken down, is making strange noises or you feel somethings wrong switch your Boiler off immediately. If your Boiler’s leaking shut off the mains supply also.

Don’t worry our engineers have dealt with every boiler fault imaginable, give us a call and take advice from one of our engineers. Please don’t try to rectify any faults yourself working on Boilers is dangerous if you’re not qualified, severe damage could occur to your Boiler also.

An engineer will advise you over the phone and arrange a time to pop over and deal with the fault. We aim to attend boiler breakdowns within 2 hours, or we can arrange a later time if necessary.

How We Repair Boilers

Clearwater Plumbing and Heating is a Gas Safe Registered Company with many years experience in repairing Boilers, of all makes and types. An engineer will arrive at the agreed time and present the necessary identification (Gas Safe Card). Rest assured repairs are undertaken by certified professionals.

Our Engineer will visually inspect your Boiler, to begin with before running some quick tests to establish the fault. Once we know what the problem is and the parts involved, we’ll give you a price to undertake the repair.

As a local company, we ensure our prices remain fair when compared to other Gas Engineers in the area. Our experience and competence allow for swift repairs keeping the price down.

Often parts are not needed to get the Boiler back working. We stock various parts for repairs in case they are required. Sometimes parts need obtaining or ordering we have good relationships with local stockists so can get many parts the same day. Otherwise, we’ll order and return when we have the neseccary parts.

All repairs are done tidily our engineers are mindful to cause as little disruption as possible. Once the repairs completed, the boilers switched on and tested to make sure it’s in full working order.

Recommendations To Prevent Boiler Breakdown

If necessary, our Engineer will offer recommendations to prevent your Boiler from breaking down again in the future.

Annual Boiler servicing is recommended for all Boilers. Neglected boilers are especially prone to breaking down. Regular servicing significantly lowers the risk.

Powerflushing is recommended for dirty systems containing a build-up of sludge and debris such as limescale. Debris lodged in working parts is a frequent cause of Boiler failure. Power flushing removes debris, so your boilers operating on a clean system.

New installations may be recommended for the oldest of Boilers. Old boilers breakdown often and parts are difficult if not impossible to source.

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