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Clearwater Plumbing & Heating repair Boilers in Upminster and neighbouring areas.

If you're having Boiler trouble, give us a call, speak to one of our friendly engineers who may have a solution for you over the phone. Alternatively, an engineer can visit the same day and repair your Boiler.

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Our Boiler Repairs Include

  • Experienced Gas Safe Registered Engineers
  • All types and most makes of Boilers repaired
  • Quick response with visit the same day
  • No call out charges

All Boilers Repaired

We repair all Boilers of any make including combination, system, regular/traditional, gas, electric and Oil Boilers.

Common Boiler Issues

If you’re experiencing any of the following issues with your Boiler, let us take a look and undertake the necessary repairs before the issues become more severe. 

Boiler problems never go away on their own and can even eventually cause expensive damage if ignored.

Low Pressure

When Boilers switch off on their own and continue to switch off, a leak or a blockage is causing low pressure, a broken thermocouple or a faulty pump.


Leaks occur when seals become loose or badly corroded. Replacing or tightening the seal is all that’s required. Other times safety valves break and cause leaks, or they spring from places such as the heat exchanger. Any leaks are swiftly located and dealt with.


Limescale blockages restrict the flow of water, creating low pressure, which causes the Boiler to stop. Blockages are located and removed, or your whole central heating system can be cleansed with Powerflushing.

If your Boilers making unusual whistling noises that sound like a Boiling kettle, then there’s a blockage in the heat exchanger. A repair is urgent. Replacement heat exchangers are costly, so get your Boiler checked out ASAP. 

Boiler Pumps

If the Boiler pumps blocked or no longer running at full capacity, the pressure won’t be adequate to run your Boiler, hence the continuous switch off. A repair or replacement pump’s in order. Fortunately, this is a straightforward job for one of our engineers. 

Pilot Light

If you notice the pilot light keeps blowing out, then the thermocouple (a safety sensor that regulates the gas flow) will need changing. 

First of all, we’ll check the mains gas supply itself to ensure that’s not the cause of the pilot light issue.

Condensate Pipe

The condensate pipe removes all excess water created by modern condensing Boilers. If the pipe freezes, the Boiler won’t be able to take away the excess water. The Boiler will no longer work.

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