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Boiler Faults

If you’re experiencing any Boiler faults switch your Boiler off and give us a call. Running a faulty Boiler’s not a good idea; it can cause expensive damage.

Never ignore leaks, continuous stopping or weird noises, somethings not right. Leaks can be especially damaging, especially to the internal parts and electrical wiring. It’s only a matter of time before expensive damage is caused. As soon as a problem’s discovered, get it looked at by a qualified Gas Safe Registered engineer with experience in Boiler repair.

Faulty Boilers often stop and won’t restart, whatever issues you have an engineer will come over to inspect and test your Boiler and establish the cause and the solution.

Boiler Pressure

The first port of call is the Boiler pressure which reveals a lot to the engineer and what may be going on.
Boilers run at an optimal pressure to little, and the Boiler won’t function properly (if at all) to high and the pressure relief valves may break and need replacing.

Our engineer will run your Boiler and observe the pressure. It may be the case it was never set correctly to begin with. If the pressure falls, then there’s likely a leak somewhere in the Boiler or system, a blockage present or a faulty pressure valve.

Pilot Light

If the pressures ok it may be the pilot light keeps blowing out. This is usually down to a malfunctioning thermocouple. A replacement’s in order, to get your Boiler running again.

Internal Inspection

By removing the case, our engineer can visually inspect your Boiler’s internal working parts. Leaks which cause all manner of problems are quickly detected. If the leaks down to loose pipework, it’s tightened. If a faulty seal or valves the culprit they will be replaced. If no leaks are discovered, then the next course of action is to check for blockages in the Boiler or central heating system.


Boilers, pipes and radiators generate limescale which can cause blockages preventing the correct pressure and flow of water.
Once the blockage has been found it’ll need clearing from the part. Often this is enough to restore the Boiler to full working order.
Sometimes parts can be damaged by blockages in which case the part will need replacing.

Unusual Noises

Unusual noises coming from the Boiler indicate there’s a blockage in the heat exchanger. Limescale deposits can get lodged in the heat exchanger, and it’ll make a noise known as ‘kettling’ a disturbing sound similar to a boiling kettle.
Unusual noises need looking at ASAP, left alone the heat exchanger will overheat and fail which more often than not means a new Boiler.

We have gone through common Boiler faults. Other problems could have occurred to cause your Boiler to fail. Whatever the problem, one of our engineers will discover the cause and swiftly repair your Boiler.

Contact Us today so we can repair your Boiler.