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If your Boiler has broken down, Clearwater Plumbers offer a swift Boiler Repair Service which includes no call out charges

Give us a call if your Boiler has broken down, if the fault's simple one of our engineers may be able to offer a solution over the phone. Otherwise, the engineer will visit the same day to repair your Boiler.

We have a high success rate repairing Boilers in Thurrock, most Boilers are back up and running very quickly. You'll find our prices very fair with no hidden extras added at the end.

All our Boiler engineers are Gas Safe Registered and have many years of experience in Boiler Repair.

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We Repair All Kinds Of Boilers

Whatever your Boiler make or type we can repair it. All Boilers are covered including Gas, Oil, Electric, Combination, System and Regular/Traditional.

Combination Boiler repairs are usually straightforward as all the working components are located within the Boiler itself. System and regular Boilers involve external parts such as cylinders, pumps and water tanks so the repairs may take a little while longer.

Boiler Parts

Some repairs require parts. Some repairs don’t. It depends on the type of fault. Our engineers have various Boiler parts with them. If we haven’t got the part we can obtain them locally or if we have to order the part and return at a later date.
We always do everything we can to ensure the Boilers up and running the same day.

When To Call A Boiler Engineer

Boiler Stops Working

If your Boiler stops working and you can’t get it working again, you’ll have to get a Gas Safe Registered engineer out. Never attempt boiler repairs yourself Boilers pose Gas leaks and Carbon Monoxide risks which can kill always use a qualified professional who knows what they’re doing.

In freezing weather frozen condensate pipes often prevent Boilers working, as such it’s recommended the condensate pipe’s adequately insulated. Other causes are incorrect pressure, blockages and leaks. One of our engineers will quickly detect the problem and rectify it.

Pilot Light Blows Out Frequently

If your pilot light keeps blowing out, then you probably have a failing thermocouple, or there’s a problem with the gas supply itself.

Continuous Stopping, Loud Or Unusual Noises

Boilers run very quietly if you start noticing loud or unusual noises switch off your Boiler and don’t use again until an engineer has checked it.
There’s probably a blockage in the system. Blockages can cause expensive damage to the working parts of the Boiler.
If your Boiler keeps stopping and switching off, then a blockage could be preventing correct water flow (or the pump may be faulty)


Leaking Boilers should always be investigated left alone they will damage your Boiler and even parts of your property. The cause is most likely a worn seal (which are easily replaced), loose or corroded pipework or broken pressure valves.

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