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Identifying Boiler Faults

Despite modern boilers’ incredibly high reliability, they occasionally develop faults.

Our experienced engineers will quickly restore your Boiler’s functionality by finding the fault and repairing or replacing the necessary parts.

Feel free to give us a call if you encounter any Boiler problems. A few common faults are listed below.

There Is A Regular Switch-Off Of The Boiler

Boilers should remain on once they are turned on, but something is wrong if they keep switching off. 

When the pressure in the Boiler is too low, the Boiler may need to be repressurised.

When pressure cannot be sustained, there’s a leak, a faulty seal, or a broken safety valve. There are several places where leaks can occur. First, the engineer will locate the leak and rectify it.

Limescale blockages or faulty pumps could also be causes. Get your Boiler inspected if you have to keep switching it on. If the faults are ignored, damage may result.

Water Leaking

Water leaks always indicate that a boiler is not watertight, which it always should be. If you suspect your Boiler is leaking, turn it off right away and don’t use it again until you’ve had it checked by an engineer. Leaks will damage your Boiler if they are ignored for an extended period.

Most leaks are repaired quickly once they have been identified. You will then be able to use your Boiler again.

The Pilot Light Is Constantly Going Out

In order for the Boiler to operate, the pilot light must be lit. Gas flow to the Boiler is controlled by a safety device called a thermocouple. Whenever the pilot light goes out, the thermocouple automatically cuts off the gas supply (preventing a gas leak).

If a faulty thermocouple continuously cuts off the gas supply, the pilot light will keep going out. This issue can be resolved by replacing the thermocouple.

Thermocouples that are in good working order may indicate a problem with the gas supply.

Loud Noises Coming From the Boiler

Boilers can develop problems due to limescale and debris, which is common in central heating systems.

The heat exchanger will ‘kettle’ if a large enough piece of limescale gets trapped in it and will make a whistling noise.

Don’t wait for damage to occur. Have your Boiler inspected as soon as possible. A gas engineer should always be contacted if you hear whistling or other unusual noises from your Boiler.

The Boiler Won’t Start

If your Boiler does not turn on, there may be a blown fuse in the switch. If this happens, replacing the fuse will get your Boiler up and running again.

The condensate pipe that removes excess water from your Boiler may freeze in harsh winter conditions. This prevents the Boiler from working. To get your Boiler running and prevent your pipe from freezing again, we will defrost it and insulate it appropriately. 

It is possible for a boiler not to turn on due to a defective thermostat. Replacing a thermostat is a straightforward process for our engineers.

Please get in touch with us today if you need your Boiler repaired.

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