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Welcome to Clearwater Plumbing & Heating, we have a team of Gas Safe Registered engineers who repair Boilers in Stanford Le Hope and the rest of Essex.

All makes and types of Boilers are covered, and we'll aim to have an engineer out to you within a couple of hours. If you're experiencing any Boiler trouble give us a call, an engineer will offer advice over the phone and arrange a time convenient for you to come out and look at your Boiler.

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Boiler Faults

Over the years our engineers have repaired all kinds of Boiler faults and problems. Here are some common Boiler faults, if you’re experiencing any of these issues get your Boiler looked at even if it’s still working. Never ignore any defects or issues; they will eventually turn into bigger and more expensive to solve problems.

Boiler Keeps Switching Off

The first thing to check is your Boiler pressure. Sometimes the repressurising of the Boiler is all that’s needed. IIf Boiler pressure continues to drop then there may be a blockage in the Boiler or system which is restricting pressure and causing the Boiler to switch off continuously. If this is the case, one of our engineers will locate and remove the blockage.
Faulty thermocouples or pump can also be causing your Boiler to switch off. The Thermocouple controls the gas supply entering the Boiler, an essential safety device which will cut off the supply in the event of a fault. If your pilot light keeps blowing out, causing the Boiler to stop then the Thermocouple may need adjusting or replacing.
Faulty pumps can be reset to the correct settings or unblocked or replaced if necessary.

Strange Noises

Strange noises are caused by a number of issues such as broken valves, excessive air, overworked/failing pumps or limescale blockages in the Boiler.
Central heating systems should be Powerflushed periodically to breakdown and remove the buildup of limescale and other debris. Sometimes large pieces of limescale get lodge in the internal components, and the Boiler will make a loud noise that sounds like a boiling kettle, this issue is known as kettling.
Kettling can cause the Boiler to overheat, and the Boiler’s built-in safety devices will shut the Boiler down, preventing it from functioning.
Always get strange noises coming from your central heating or Boiler looked at by a Gas Safe registered engineer.


Leaks are a common Boiler fault and can be caused by a number of internal issues such as worn seals, broken pressure valves or corrosion in parts such as the heat exchanger. Leaks need attention if water reaches any of the electrical wiring the Boiler will short circuit and fail. Leaks can also damage parts of your home, such as flooring and cupboards. Leaking Boilers are usually solved by replacing a faulty part making your Boiler watertight and safe to use, usually for years to come.

These are just a few faults other faults include frozen condensate pipes, radiators not heating, and Boilers not switching on at all.
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