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If your Boilers breaks down, you need it back up and running in the shortest time possible.

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Boiler Faults

If your Boiler has stopped entirely and won’t start again, or if you’re experiencing any of the faults listed below (your Boiler will probably fail shortly), give us a call.

Never attempt to rectify faults yourself, it’s dangerous, and you could end up causing more damage and more expense. Always use an experienced Gas Safe Registered engineer.

One of our engineers will offer advice on the phone and can come and look at your Boiler, establishing the exact cause of the fault and delivering the solution at a very reasonable price.

Your Boiler Keeps Switching Off

If your Boiler keeps switching off, first of all, check the pressure, repressurise your Boiler as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
Inadequate pressure will cause switch offs. Once pressurised to the correct level, the Boiler should be ok (unless there’s a fault present)
Monitor the pressure if it drops and the Boiler switches off again. You likely have a leak, faulty pump, faulty pressure relief valve or a blockage in the system.


If you notice water leaking out of your Boiler or see water collecting in the areas around your Boiler there’s a leak. Leaks usually occur when seals wear away or become loose, older Boilers can spring leaks in multiple places. If you notice a leak, switch your Boiler off and call an engineer. Not only do leaks corrode Boiler cases and parts, but they can also cause external water damage and internal wiring to short circuit.

Frozen Condensate Pipe

If you’re Boilers failed in freezing conditions, your condensate pipe could be frozen. The condensate pipe removes excess water created by the Boiler. If the pipes are uninsulated, they will freeze in minus conditions preventing your Boiler from running.

Pilot Light’s Blowing Out

If your pilot light keeps blowing out, then the thermocouple is probably nearing the end of its life. The thermocouple is a crucial safety device that regulates the gas. A quick upgrade will get your Boiler back up and running again. Otherwise, there could be an issue with your gas supply itself.

Loud Noises

Strange noises coming from your Boiler is the indication of a fault. Banging or whistling noises should be investigated. These noises occur when limescale and debris become stuck inside the Boiler preventing correct operation. The water boils and steams created, causing expansion and those unpleasant noises. Get your Boiler looked at before the heat exchanger is damaged beyond repair.

Our engineers have fixed all manner of Boilers and problems over the years and will fix any issues you are experiencing. Get in touch today to get your Boiler repaired.