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Clearwater Plumbing & Heating have been serving Rainham for over 25 years with a range of services, including Boiler Repairs.

If your Boiler has broken down or you’re experiencing other issues such as loud noises or leaking, switch off your Boiler.

Call us and speak to one of our engineers who’ll offer advice over the phone and arrange a time to come over and inspect your Boiler.

We have a very high success rate in repairing Boilers. Our experienced engineers can diagnose faults and rectify them quickly. Our repair services include fair rates and no call out charges.

Common Boiler Issues

Never attempt to run a faulty Boiler. You could cause more damage and more expense. Always get a faulty Boiler looked at by a qualified engineer.

Incorrect Pressure

Boilers need a certain amount of pressure to run continuously if the pressures to low the Boiler will stop. The first step is o repressurise the Boiler and monitor the pressure as it’s running.

If the pressure stays level, then the Boiler only needed repressurising. If the pressure continues to drop, then there’s a leak or a blockage present.


Leaks can occur from various locations inside the Boiler. Most commonly, leaks are caused by faulty valves or worn/loose seals.

Both can be replaced or tightened to stop the leaking and restore the correct pressure.

Other components such as the pipes or heat exchanger can spring leaks due to corrosion. Replacement is in order in this instance.


Boilers and central heating systems produce limescale which can become lodged in pipes and the heat exchanger.

If your Boilers making a whistling sound like a kettle, then there’s a significant blockage in the heat exchanger. Get this issue seen to before the heat exchanger breaks.

Other times limescale becomes lodged in pipes or the pump, which prevent full flow and pressure. These blockages will need removing manually or with Powerflushing. Sometimes blocked parts need replacing.

Faulty Thermocouple

The thermocouple is a safety device, a temperature sensor that controls the volume of gas getting to the Boiler. The thermocouple cuts the gas supply in the event the pilot lights blown out to prevent gas leaks.

If the thermocouple’s faulty, it will continuously cut the gas off, stopping the Boiler from working. A quick thermocouple replacement is all that’s needed to get your Boiler running again.

Faulty Pump

All boilers utilise a pump. If the pumps failed or is blocked, then your Boiler won’t run. Faulty pumps are unblocked or replaced.

Frozen Pipes

Modern condensing Boilers remove wastewater via a condensate pipe, which, when uninsulated, can freeze in cold conditions. Your Boiler won’t be capable of removing water, so it won’t function. An engineer will defrost and insulate the pipe, so your Boiler works again, and you won’t suffer the same problems in the future.

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