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Has your Boiler broken down? Do you live in Kesgrave or the surrounding areas?

Clearwater Plumbing & Heating repair Boilers in and around the area, give us a call and we’ll have an engineer out who’ll fix your Boiler the same day.

Boiler repairs are undertaken by experienced Gas Safe Registered engineers and include no call out charges.

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We Repair All Boilers Including Gas, Oil & LPG

Boilers are the number one appliance for supplying heating hot water in homes and commercial premises.
Day in, day out Boilers work very hard and from time to time breakdown.

Boiler breakdowns are never welcome, always causing discomfort and disruption. When your Boiler breaks you want it up and running as soon as possible, that’s why you need experienced engineers who can repair Boilers quickly.

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If you have suffered a Boiler breakdown, don’t worry one of our engineers will fix your Boiler Today. Give us a call and speak to an experienced Boiler engineer who’ll answer all your questions and offer advice over the phone.

You can arrange a convenient time for the engineer to come over and inspect your Boiler. A quick inspection and if necessary, some simple tests will establish what the problem is, the engineer can then get to work fixing your Boiler.

Often all that’s needed are some adjustments to get your Boiler working again. Otherwise, parts may be needed. Our engineers carry various Boiler parts; otherwise, we can usually source them locally, and on the same day, so you don’t have to wait very long for your Boiler repair.

Whatever the issue we aim to have the Boiler repaired and up and running the same day, and most often our experienced engineers succeed.

24/7 Service With No Call-Out Charges

  • Our engineers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to attend emergencies and breakdowns.
  • All Boiler repairs include no call out charges.
  • On arrival, the engineer will present a Gas Safe ID so you can rest assured the repairs undertaken by a qualified professional.
  • The engineer will inspect and test your Boiler. Once we understand what the issue is, the engineer will give you a price for the repair.
  • The necessary parts are gathered, and the repairs carried out. Once the Boilers fixed, it’s fully tested to ensure it’s working properly.

All Boilers Covered

We repair gas, electric, oil, combination, system and regular Boilers of any size and most makes and models.

Preventing Boiler Breakdown

Ensure you have your Boiler serviced annually, a serviced Boilers far less likely to breakdown than an unserviced one. Also ensure your external condensate pipe’s fully insulated to prevent freezing in winter, another common occurrence that causes Boilers to fail.

Contact Us Today and get your Boiler repaired.