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The Clearwater Plumbing & Heating team has been providing Boiler Repairs to Framlingham for over 25 years.

Whenever you have a problem with your Boiler, such as leaking or loud noises, please turn it off.

Get in touch with us, and one of our engineers will offer advice over the phone and schedule an appointment to inspect your Boiler. Our success rate in repairing boilers is very high.

Our engineers are experienced in diagnosing and repairing faults as quickly as possible. We offer fair rates for repair services and do not charge call-out fees.

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The most common boiler problems

Faulty boilers should never be run. Along with the additional risk of causing more damage, you might also incur more expenses.

Incorrect Pressure

For a boiler to operate continuously, it needs a certain level of pressure. If this level is too low, the Boiler will stop. So, to begin with, the Boiler must be re-pressurised, and the pressure monitored.

A steady pressure indicates that the Boiler only requires repressuring. However, you may have a leak or a blockage if the pressure continues to drop.

Blockages In Pipes

It is typical for boilers and central heating systems to produce limescale, which can accumulate in pipes and heat exchangers.

The heat exchanger has a significant blockage if your Boiler is whistling like a kettle. Be sure to fix this issue before the heat exchanger breaks. It will be expensive.

Limescale can also lodge in pipes and pumps, preventing full flow and pressure. Manually removing these blockages or using Powerflushing will be necessary. Parts that are blocked sometimes need to be replaced.

Pump Failure

Boilers use pumps to circulate water. A faulty pump or a clogged pipe will cause your Boiler not to run. We unblock or replace faulty pumps.

Water leaks

There are several places inside the Boiler where leaks can occur. In most cases, leaks are caused by worn or loose seals or faulty valves.

Either can be replaced or tightened to stop the leak and restore the correct pressure.

As a result of corrosion, other components, such as pipes or heat exchangers, can leak. This situation warrants a replacement of the parts.

Thermocouple Failure

A thermocouple is a safety device that controls gas volume entering the Boiler based on the temperature. In the event of a blown pilot light, the thermocouple cuts off the gas supply.

In the case of a faulty thermocouple, the gas will be continuously cut off, preventing the Boiler from working. Your Boiler will be restored to full operation after a quick thermocouple replacement.

Frozen Condensate Pipe

Condensing boilers remove wastewater via a condensate pipe, which, when uninsulated, can freeze in cold temperatures. Unfortunately, there will be no way for your Boiler to remove water so that it won’t work. By defrosting and insulating the pipe, an engineer can ensure that your Boiler runs again, and you won’t have to deal with the same problems again.

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