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Boiler Faults

Modern-day Boilers are incredibly reliable, they work hard day after day, year after year but sometimes a fault develops.
Faults are quickly rectified by our experienced engineers who’ll locate the fault and replace the necessary parts getting your Boiler back up and running again.

Give us a call if you’re experiencing any of the following faults.

Boiler Switches Off Regularly

Once on Boilers should stay on, if your Boiler keeps switching itself off then there’s a fault present. Don’t keep switching your Boiler on get it inspected. Damage may occur if the faults ignored.
Low pressure causes switch off, sometimes the repressurising of the Boiler is all that’s required.
If it’s impossible to sustain pressure, then there’s either a leak, faulty seal or broken safety valve. Leaks can occur in several places the engineer will locate and replace the leaking part.
Other causes could be a blockage (usually caused by limescale) or a faulty pump.


Boilers should be watertight, and leaks always indicate an issue. Switch off a leaking Boiler and don’t use it again until an engineer has inspected your Boiler.
Many leaks can be rectified quickly and once repaired. Your Boiler will run properly again. Never ignore a leak left long enough leaks will damage the internal parts of your Boiler including electric wiring.

Pilot Light Keeps Going Out

The pilot light must be on for the Boiler to operate. A safety device called a thermocouple regulates the flow of gas to the Boiler. If the pilot lights blew out the thermocouple automatically cuts the gas supply (so there’s no gas leak).
Faulty thermocouples will continuously cut off the gas supply causing the pilot light to extinguish. Replacing the thermocouple is straight forward and will solve the issue.
If the thermocouples found to be in order, then there may be an issue with your gas supply.

Loud Noises

Limescale and debris are inevitable by-products of central heating systems that, in some circumstances, can cause problems within the Boiler.
If a large enough piece of limescale gets trapped in the heat exchanger (the device that converts heat from gas to water), then it’ll make a noise similar to a boiling kettle, this is known as ‘kettling’.
Get your Boiler looked at ASAP before damage occurs. Any strange noises coming from a Boiler should be reported to a gas engineer as they are an indication of a fault.

Boiler Won’t Switch On

If your Boiler doesn’t switch on at all, there may be a defunct fuse in the switch. In this instance, a replacement fuse will get your Boiler running again.
In harsh winter conditions, you may have a frozen condensate pipe which removes excess water produced by your Boiler. Uninsulated pipes can freeze preventing the Boiler from functioning. We’ll defrost your pipe and insulate it adequately so it won’t freeze again.
Faulty thermostats will prevent a Boiler from switching on. Thermostats are straightforward to replace.

If you need your Boiler repaired, please contact us