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Welcome to Clearwater Plumbing & Heating. We attend Boiler Breakdowns 24 hours a day in Chafford Hundred and the surrounding towns and villages.

  • Our Boiler services are undertaken by Gas Safe Registered engineers and include no call out charges
  • We have a good track record in Boiler repair. Most Boilers are back up and running the same day
  • We repair all types and makes of Boiler
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What To Do If Your Boiler Stops Working

If your Boiler has broken down, call us on 0800 678 5803. A friendly, experienced engineer will take your call and advise on what to do before we can get an engineer out to you. We always get engineers out the same day and aim to be at your property within a couple of hours.

If you suspect leaking water switch your mains water supply off at the mains stopcock. This will prevent flooding and damage to your Boiler and the area the Boiler’s located in.

Once the engineer arrives, he’ll inspect your Boiler and run any necessary tests. Engineers carry small Boiler parts such as seals. If the required components are not to hand, then they can be sourced from local suppliers, usually on the same day.

Rest assured, we will have your Boiler repaired and back up and running, so you’re not left sitting in a cold house without heating or hot water.

We ensure our prices are competitive and amongst the best in Chafford Hundred couple this with no call out charges, and you can be sure of a fair price to repair your Boiler.

Why Do Boilers Breakdown?

The lifespan of a boiler is around ten years. Some may last longer. It depends on the standard of Boiler, usage and how well it’s looked after. Boilers use multiple components to consume fuel and heat water in a safe process that doesn’t put householders at risk.

Boilers work very hard every day. The parts gradually wear due to the corrosive nature of water, and sooner or later, a part will fail, causing the Boiler to stop. Usually, a replacement part fitted by a certified engineer is all that’s required to get your Boiler up and running again.

Common Boiler Faults Include

  • Leaking – A faulty seal or valve is releasing water
  • Kettling – Limescale blocking the heat exchanger sounds like a kettle
  • Constantly switching off – Low pressure, an obstructed pipe or pilot light issue
  • Pilot lights keep blowing out – Fault with the gas supply or thermocouple
  • Low pressure – Caused by incorrect setting, a leak, or blockage
  • Loud noises – A number f things could be wrong. Get your Boiler checked
  • Frozen condensate pipes – Excess water needs expelling, or the Boiler will stop

Whatever issues you’re experiencing with your Boiler, we will fix them for you. Contact Us today.