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Boiler Issues?

The older Boilers get, the more likely they are to develop faults. Boilers deal with heat and hot water daily, year after year, as such internal parts wear out and cause the Boiler to stop working correctly or all together. Faulty parts inside Boilers are adjustable or replaceable. It’s usually a case of locating the fault and adjusting or changing the part.

Competent Gas Safe Registered engineers must undertake all Boiler repairs. Clearwater Engineers have been repairing Boilers in Purfleet for many years and will fix your Boiler quickly. Here are some typical Boiler faults we deal with on a regular basis.

Continuous Switching Off

If your Boiler keeps switching off, don’t just keep switching it back on, there’s a pressure or thermocouple issue that needs looking at.
The most likely cause is low pressure. Low pressure occurs when there’s a leak, blockage or failing pump.


Leaks are easy to identify and usually simple enough to rectify. Loose connections are tightened, and worn seals are replaced. If your Boiler keeps switching off, you may have noticed dripping or corrosion around the Boiler casing. Left alone leaks can short circuit the electrics of your Boiler and cause damage elsewhere.


Limescale occurs in central heating systems. Sometimes large pieces of limescale get blocked in the pipes or, worse, the heat exchanger.
Blockages will cause a pressure drop, and if the heat exchangers blocked, you’ll get likely year a weird noise similar to a kettle boiling. This phenomenon, known as kettling, can cause expensive damage in the form of a new heat exchanger. Best to get the blockage removed before damage occurs.

Faulty Pumps

Pumps that are running at reduced pressure due to a worn motor or leaking seal need replacing. Pump repair or replacement is a straightforward procedure that’ll get your Boiler back running to the correct pressure.

Broken Thermocouple

The Thermocouples regulates the gas, an important safety feature that cuts gas in the event of a fault. If the Thermocouples are nearing the end of their life, then they’ll keep switching off, stopping your Boiler in the process. A new thermocouple to restore your Boiler to full working order.

Old Thermostats

When we attend Boiler repairs, we sometimes find that the Boilers fine, and it’s the thermostat that has failed or isn’t working properly.
A new thermostats wired in to get your Boiler running again.

Frozen Pipes

Modern Condensing Boilers use condensate pipes to take away wastewater. These pipes must be adequately lagged. Otherwise, in winter, they can freeze, shutting down the Boiler. Defrosting and insulating of the pipe’s undertaken to get the Boiler back on and prevent the same issue from occurring in the future.

Whatever issues you’re experiencing with your Boiler, one of our experienced engineers will solve them for you.

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