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We repair all types and makes of Boilers in Ipswich, A team of Gas Safe Registered engineers are on hand to repair your Boiler if you have suffered a breakdown or experiencing any worrying faults.

Boilers work very hard to provide your home or business with heating and hot water. Boilers do breaking down from time to time. One of our engineers can quickly diagnose any faults and replace the necessary parts to get your Boiler back up and running again.

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If your experiencing problems with your Boiler call us on 0800 678 5803, an engineer will advise you on what to do to prevent any damage occurring. We can then book a time in to repair your Boiler if necessary. Never attempt to repair a Boiler yourself you may cause more damage or create a dangerous problem. Always use qualified Gas Safe engineers.

Boilers We Repair Include Gas, Oil & LPG & More

We repair all types and makes of Boiler which includes combination, system and regular Boilers powered by gas, electricity or oil.

Common Boiler Issues

There are a number of issues that cause Boilers to run incorrectly or fail

Frozen Pipes – We get called out to a lot of Boiler failures during winter. The number one cause is a frozen condensate pipe. A boiler won’t work without a clear pipe. Defrosting and insulation is the cure and prevents the same issue happening again in the future.

Low Pressure – Low pressure will stop a Boiler, try repressurising your Boiler this may be enough to get it working again. If the pressure still drops a leak, blockage or failed pressure relief valve is the likely cause.

Leaks – Worn or loose seals will allow water to escape causing a leak and low pressure, which will make the boiler stop. Boilers feature pressure relief valves, failed valves can cause leaks which lead to low pressure and a Boiler that won’t switch on or stay on. Seals can be tightened valves can be replaced.

Blockages – Blockages are usually caused by limescale (limescale occurs anywhere waters heated or left stagnant) limescale can restrict flow, leading to low pressure or block heat exchangers and pumps. All types of blockages can cause a Boiler to fail. Some are easier to remove than others; it depends where the blockage is located within the system.

Inadequate Gas – Boilers utilise a thermocouple to regulate the gas supply if the thermocouple develops a fault the gas flows affected and will prevent the Boiler from running properly. A new thermocouple needs fitting.

Thermostats – Sometimes the Boilers fine and a faulty thermostat is the culprit. A new thermostat is required.

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Get in touch and speak to one of our friendly engineers. Our staff are highly competent at diagnosing Boiler faults and will have your Boiler back running in a very short space of time.