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Welcome To Clear Water Plumbing & Heating we install Boilers in and around the Woodbridge area.

Clearwater engineers are Gas Safe Registered. We install most makes and all types of Boiler which include Gas, Electric, Oil, Combination, System and Regular.

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All Boilers Installed

  • Gas
  • Oil
  • LPG
  • System
  • Combination
  • Regular

Considering A New Boiler?

Boilers last on average, around 10-15 years. Once a Boiler gets to approximately ten years old, they have declined in-efficiency, develop faults and are more prone to breaking down.

Older Boilers that are serviced annually tend to last longer and develop fewer issues. However, they still lose efficiency. While modern boilers run at over 90% efficiency older Boilers, run at much lower efficiency, (as low as 60% in some cases)

An old inefficient Boiler is expensive to run so if your Boilers over ten years old it’s time to consider upgrading. Eventually, an old Boiler will breakdown probably requiring a costly repair or fail beyond repair in which case an upgrade is essential.

Free No-Obligation Quotes By Experienced Engineers

If you’re in the market for a new Boiler, one of our Engineers can come over at a convenient time, inspect your current Boiler and system and write a free no-obligation quote.

Your quote is written by an experienced and friendly engineer (not a pushy salesman) who will answer any questions or concerns you may have.

All Boilers Covered

When upgrading your Boiler, we can fit one that’ll work with your current central heating system. This ensures no alterations are needed to the central heating system.

If your heating and hot water requirements have changed we an upgrade your existing central heating system to accept a different type of Boiler.

Boiler Types

Combination Boilers instantly supply hot water to your taps and radiators when needed. Everything’s built into the Boiler, so no storage cylinder or pump’s required. Suitable for small to medium-sized homes.

System Boilers include a pressurised storage cylinder providing a decent supply of hot water. The system doesn’t need feed tanks, freeing up space in the loft. Suitable for medium to large homes

Regular Boilers

Regular boilers use a hot water storage cylinder that’s fed via feed tanks in the loft, good for supplying large amounts of hot water. Regular boilers are fitted in larger homes and those already equipped with a regular system.

Fuel Types

Many homes in Woodbridge are served by gas as such we install many gas boilers in the area. For homes off the gas grid, we can install electric or oil Boilers. Both have their advantages and disadvantages speak to us for more details.

Boiler Sizes

All boilers come in a range of sizes ranging from 24Kw-40Kw. Boilers can serve between 10-20 radiators depending on the size. The Boiler size you need will depend on the number of radiators in your home. If you have added extra radiators since your last installation, you may need to increase the boiler size this time around.

Boiler Makes

We install most makes of Boiler, which includes Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Baxi, Ideal, Potterton and more.

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