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Does your Boiler need replacing?

Clearwater Plumbing & Heating have been installing Boilers in Thurrock for over 25 years, and we would like to offer you a free no-obligation survey and quote for your new Boiler.

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Free Boiler Installation Survey & Quote

One of our Gas Safe Registered engineers will visit your property and inspect your current Boiler and central heatings system.

You can discuss your heating and hot water requirements and ask our engineer any questions you may have. Our engineer will offer you a range of Boiler options and write you a free no-obligation quote.

Our Boiler installation services include brand new boiler installations and upgrades. We can also make adjustments and modifications to your central heating system to increase capacity (heating & hot water) and modernise controls.

Boiler Replacements

Boiler replacements are usually straight forward, we remove your old Boiler and put a new modern boiler of in its place to work with your central heating system.

Sometimes household heating and hot water needs change. You may require an upgraded boiler to supply more hot water or radiators, or you may opt for a less complicated system to free up space (remove water tanks and cylinders for example) 

In these cases, modifications are made to the central heating system to accept a different type of Boiler that match your current heating and hot water requirements.

Whatever you need from a Boiler installation, we’ll offer the perfect solution that matches your home and budget.

Modern Condensing Boilers

All boilers fitted by Clearwater Plumbers are modern condensing Boilers which adhere to the current UK regulations and requirements. 

The Boilers we install are very efficient, running at between 90-99% efficiency. The boilers work by trapping and reusing flue gasses for heat.

Older style boilers let these flue gasses escape and are nowhere near as efficient. Old boilers generally run at between 50-70% efficiency (up to 50% of the fuel’s wasted)

As you can see, old Boilers waste lots of energy and money. If you have an old Boiler, it’s time to consider upgrading.

Let us install a new condensing boiler which will save you lots of money on your gas bill while lowering your carbon footprint, making your home greener and more environmentally friendly.

Types Of Boiler, Fuel, Size & Manufacturers

We install Combination, Regular and System Boilers the best one for you and your home will depend on your system, current Boiler and boiler requirements.


Combination Boilers are the simplest of all and the most popular when it comes to new boiler installations.

System and regular Boilers work better in larger homes with more significant hot water requirements.


We install Gas, Electric and Oil Boilers. Gas is the most common fuel type electric, and oil boilers work for homes that are not gas connected.


Boilers come in a range of sizes to accommodate all homes. Depending on the size Boilers can power from ten to over twenty radiators.


We fit boilers from all major manufacturers including Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Baxi, Ideal and more.

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