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Clearwater Plumbing & Heating install Boilers in Stanford Le Hope and the surrounding areas. We are a team of gas Safe Registered engineers and offer free no-obligation quotes for new Boilers to Stanford Lee Hope residents.

We install Combination, System and Regular Boilers of all fuel types and most makes.

We can replace your existing Boiler, upgrade your existing central heating system or install a new boiler with a brand new central heating system.

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Is It Time For A New Boiler?

Maybe you have experienced issues with your current Boiler and a repair’s uneconomical?
Or maybe you have noticed your energy bills have increased significantly?

Repairing old Boilers can become a false economy. It’s not uncommon for something else to go wrong once an old Boilers been fixed. If you have been quoted a few hundred pounds for a repair on an old boiler, you may want to put that money towards a new Boiler instead.

Increasing energy bills are common with older Boilers, especially those older than ten years. The older Boiler gets the more fuel they consume, making them less efficient and more expensive to run. While new condensing Boilers can run at over 95% efficiency, old Boilers can run at as little as 55% efficiency. 45% of the fuel is wasted. That’s around £350 lost annually.

Modern condensing Boilers trap exiting gasses and reuse them for heating water, meaning very little fuel and money is wasted. If you a have and old Boiler a new installation should save you significant money over time—money which can go towards the new installation cost.

Benefits Of A New Boiler

After a new Boiler installation, you don’t have to worry about breakdown and repair costs, something that’s always looming with old Boilers. You can rest assured you won’t be going without heating and hot water, always unpleasant and inconvenient. Parts are no longer available for some older Boilers, and a breakdown could mean a new installation.

In the unlikely event your new Boiler does breakdown it’ll be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty for several years, and they’ll repair it free of charge.

After a new Boiler installation, you’ll likely notice the increased warmth and cosiness of your home. You’ll enjoy a smaller energy bill thanks to the increased energy efficiency, and you can relax in the knowledge that your new Boilers environmentally friendly, lowering the carbon footprint of your home.

Free No Obligation Survey And Quote

The first step is to allow one of our experienced Gas Safe Registered Boiler installers to visit your home and undertake a survey.
The engineer will talk through your heating and hot water requirements and discuss all the available options that’ll work with your home, existing system and budget.
After the survey, a free no-obligation quotes written for you.

Contact Us to book your free survey or for more information on our Boiler Installation services.