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New Boilers installed in Purfleet by Clearwater Plumbing & Heating, who are an experienced team of Gas Safe Registered engineers and experienced Boiler fitters.

We have installed many Boilers in Purfleet and the surrounding areas over the years and have many satisfied customers.

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We Install All Boilers

We install all types of Boilers, which include combination, system and regular.

Combination Boilers

The ‘Combi’ Boiler is the most common type of Boiler fitted in the UK, accounting for around 50% of all Boilers fitted.
A compact, energy-efficient unit that doesn’t need hot water storage cylinders or water tanks.
Once the tap or heatings switched on, the water flows through a heating element which heats the water instantly for the hot taps, showers and radiators.

Combination Boilers are best for small to medium-sized homes. The set up ensures you only heat the hot water you use, and the minimum of space is taken up. The downside to combi boilers is that the pressure is the same as your mains pressure, and there’s no reserve hot water supply. If the Boiler breaks down, you’ll be without hot water until it’s repaired.

You can only really run a single hot water tap or shower at a time with a Combi Boiler. Ok, for smaller homes, but maybe not for larger homes with more than one bathroom.

System Boilers

System Boilers are a compact design but include a pressurised (aka sealed or unvented) hot water cylinder. Water heated by the Boilers circulated around the central heating system and sent to the cylinder for storage. The cylinder ensures you have a healthy supply of hot water for your taps and showers. The system’s pressurised, so you’ll enjoy good pressure from your taps and showers.

The System Boiler is a good choice for medium to larger sized homes with more than one bathroom, allowing the use of multiple hot taps at the same time. An Immersion heater’s fitted to the pressurised cylinder. In the event your Boiler fails, you can switch on the immersion heater and still have hot water. System Boilers don’t require water tanks in the loft. They do, however, require a cupboard for the cylinder and related components.

Regular Boilers

In recent years Regular Boilers have been largely replaced by the modern system and combination Boilers. Regular systems are bulky and complex, requiring an unvented (non pressurised) cylinder, water tanks and external central heating pump. Regular Boilers are, however, good for supplying lots of hot water to multiple bathrooms, so they are ideal for the largest of homes.

Regular Boilers are also fitted to homes that have old-style central heating systems, where the owner doesn’t want to make the required adjustments to accept a combination or system Boiler.

Sizes & Fuel Types

All the above Boilers are available in a range of sizes for Gas, Oil and Electricity. We install them all. Most makes of Boiler are covered under our Boiler installation service also.

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