Boiler Installation Grays

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Boiler Installation Grays

Clearwater Plumbing & Heating have installed many Boilers in Grays over the past 25 years. If you live in or around the area and are after a new Boiler read on, we have the real-world experience and credentials to deliver a first-class Boiler installation.

A Boiler is an essential appliance that works hard to provide you and your family with hot water and heating. Installation by our experienced gas safe engineers ensures correct installation and in turn the best possible energy efficiency.

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Time For A New Boiler?

Boilers last on average around ten years, as Boilers get older, they gradually decrease in-efficiency. Boilers account for around 50-60% of the average household’s energy spend, old Boilers waste money and are not suitable for the environment.

Old Boilers can run as low as 55% efficiency so for every £100 spent on fuel £45 is wasted.

A new condensing boiler will run at 90%+ efficiency. 

Condensing Boilers are available in the UK that’ll run at over 95% efficiency. 

As you can see, a new Boiler will save you money on your energy spend, over £300 per year for a typical three-bedroom house.

Protection From Breakdown

A new Boiler’s highly unlikely to breakdown and will be at low risk from breakdown for several years (as long as the Boilers looked after with an annual service).

Old Boilers are more prone to breakdown; they usually fail during winter also. Parts can be hard to source, and repairs can be expensive.

A new Boiler protects you from breakdown and the disruption and unpleasantness that goes with it.

Environmentally Friendly

New Boilers are much friendlier to the environment lowering your carbon footprint.

Selling Your Home?

A home with a New Boiler is far more attractive to a buyer than a home with an old boiler that’s due to a replacement. A savvy Buyer will use the old boiler to knock you down on price. New boilers are highly attractive to buyers and will help you get the full asking price.

About Boiler Installations 

Boilers are available in different, fuel types, types sizes, makes and price ranges. We can undertake simple upgrades, convert your system to accept a new type of Boiler or install a whole new central heating system.

Fuel Types

Most Boilers in Grays households are power by gas, some by Electric and even Oil. We fit them all.

Combi, Sytem Or Regular?

There are three different types of Boiler the type you decide on will depend on your current Boiler/Central heating system or your heating and hot water requirements.

Combi Boilers

Combi Boilers take up the least space as no water cylinder’s required, heating hot water instantly for your taps and radiators. Combi Boilers are ideal for small to mid-sized homes.

System Boilers

System Boilers work in conjunction with a pressurised cylinder, so there’s always a decent supply of hot water available to serve multiple hot water points. System Boilers are better for the mid to larger sized homes.

Regular Boilers

Regular Boilers are common in older homes and include a cylinder and feed tanks. While regular Boilers take up the most space and require the most parts, they are good for supplying lots of hot water. Regular Boilers are for large homes and older homes with a regular central heating system already in place.


All Boilers are available in a range of sizes, generally between 24Kw-42Kw. The size of the Boiler you need depends on the number of radiators in your home and your hot water needs.

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