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Boilers are installed by Clearwater Plumbing & Heating in Framlingham and its surrounding areas. Our engineers are Gas Safe registered, providing residents with free no-obligation quotes for new Boilers.

Gas, Oil & LPG Boilers Installed

Boilers we install include combination, system, and regular boilers that run on gas, oil or LPG. We install most makes of Boiler also.

The Boiler can be replaced or upgraded, or we can install a brand-new boiler and central heating system.

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A New Boiler Might Be In Order

Maybe your current Boiler is having problems, and the cost of repairing it isn’t feasible.

Or perhaps you have noticed a spike in your energy bills?

Keeping old boilers in good working order can be a false economy. Once an old boiler has been repaired, something else might go wrong. Consider purchasing a new boiler instead of repairing your old one if you’ve been quoted a few hundred pounds or more for a repair.

Boilers older than ten years, especially those used daily for years on end, tend to produce higher energy bills. This is because fuel consumption increases, reducing efficiency and higher operating costs. For example, new condensing boilers can operate at over 95% efficiency, while old boilers can be as low as 55%, in which case fuel is wasted to the tune of 45%. The annual loss is around £350.

By capturing and reusing gases for heating water, condensing boilers waste little fuel and money. In the long run, replacing an old boiler can save you significant amounts of money – money that can be used toward the cost of a new installation.

New Boilers Have Many Benefits

A new boiler installation eliminates the worry of breakdowns and repairs, something which is always present with old boilers. It is always uncomfortable and inconvenient to go without heating or hot water. In addition, there are no longer parts available for some older boilers, so a breakdown could require a new boiler to be installed.

The manufacturer’s warranty will cover you for several years in the unlikely event your new boiler malfunctions. In addition, they will repair it at no charge to you (as long as you undertake an annual service).

Upon installing a new boiler, you’ll notice how much warmer and cosier your home will be. With the increased energy efficiency of your new boilers, you’ll have a cheaper energy bill, and you’ll be able to relax knowing that your home’s carbon footprint is reduced.

We Offer Free, No-Obligation Boiler Surveys And Quotes.

A Gas Safe Registered Boiler installer from our company will visit your home and conduct a survey.

During the visit, the engineer will discuss your needs with regard to heating and hot water to Identify the best options that work for your home, existing central system, and budget.

Once the survey is completed, you will receive a free, no-obligation quote.

Please contact us for more information about our boiler installation services or to schedule your free survey.

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