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Clearwater Plumbing & Heating install Boilers in Corringham and the surrounding areas.

We are a team of Gas Safe Registered Engineers and would like to offer you a free no-obligation quote for your new Boiler.

Our engineers fit all types and make of Boiler. All Boilers fitted come with a guarantee of up to 10 years (guarantee length depends on the Boiler fitted and the manufacturers' terms).

We can upgrade your old Boiler to work with your existing central heating system or install a new Boiler and brand new system.

We fit all types of central heating controls, including the latest smart controls.

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Fitting The Best Boiler For You

There are three different types of Boiler, of different sizes and different fuel types.

Thye bets Boiler for you will depend on your heating and hot water usage, size of your home, the number of people in your home and your current Boiler and central heating system.

It’s vital the correct Boilers chosen to accommodate all of the points above. Otherwise, you could be left with a Boiler that’s not up to the job or too powerful for your requirements, which leads to wasted money.

One of our engineers will determine the best Boiler for you after undertaking a free survey.

Types Of Boiler

Fuel Type

All Boilers run on either Gas, Electric, LPG or Oil first. We’ll determine the fuel type your home uses. Most homes in Corringham use Gas.


Boilers come in different sizes. The smallest Boilers serve one-bedroom properties, three radiators and one bathroom, for instance. The largest can cope with 20+ radiators and several bathrooms. Boiler size is determined by the number of bathrooms and radiators your property has.

Combi, System Or Regular?

Once the fuel type and size of your new Boiler has been determined

Combi Boilers

Combination Boilers are the most common type of Boiler fitted in the United Kingdom, accounting for over 50% of all new installations.

Combi Boilers are very simple and efficient. All working parts are built inside the Boiler. No external elements such as water storage cylinders and pumps are needed, saving lots of space.

The combi Boiler heats cold water instantly before delivering it to the hot taps and shower.

Combination Boilers are suitable for small to medium-sized homes. The only disadvantages are they can only serve one bathroom at a time, and there’s no back up hot water supply if the Boiler ever fails.

System Boilers

System Boilers have most of the components built inside the Boiler (lie a combi), but they include a pressurised hot water storage cylinder that serves the hot water taps and showers.

Including a cylinder uses more space, but the homeowner has a supply of hot water on demand to serve multiple taps and bathrooms at once. Storage cylinders can still heat hot water (with a fitted immersion heater) if there’s ever a problem with the Boiler. System Boilers are ideal for medium to larger sized homes.

Regular Boilers

Most Regular Boilers have been replaced with a modern, space-saving system or combination Boilers.
Regular Boilers include an unpressured cylinder, external pump and feed and expansion tanks that keep the system topped up with gravity.
While Regular Boiler systems are complex and cumbersome, they work well for supplying hot water in the largest of properties, so they are still fitted in these situations.
Regular Boilers are also fitted in homes with an existing traditional style system.

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