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Welcome to Clearwater Plumbing & Heating. We install new Boilers in Claydon and the surrounding areas.

We install all types and most makes of Boilers. If you would like a free no-obligation quote for a new Boiler, get in touch. A gas safe registered engineer will visit your property at a convenient time.

The engineer will evaluate your existing Boiler and central heating system and write you a new Boiler quote based on your current heating and hot water requirements.

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Gas, Oil & LPG

Most homes in Claydon have Boilers installed that run off Gas. we install Gas, Oil & LPG Boilers

Why You Should Consider A New Boiler

If your Boiler’s over ten years old, then it’s time to consider an upgrade. Boilers lose efficiency as they age, more fuel’s consumed overall, and the Boiler costs more to run.

Studies have shown the most in-efficient of aged Boilers run as low as 55% efficiency, which means 45% of all fuel is wasted.

  • Old in-efficient Boilers can waste up to £300 a year (for a typical household)
  • Modern Condensing Boilers are incredibly efficient, running from 90%-99% efficiency (depending on the make, type and model)
  • If you have a typical three-bedroom home in Claydon, then a new Boiler could save you over £300 a year

Why A New Boiler Can Save You So Much Money

Clearwater Plumbers only fit Condensing Boilers, all of which run at 90%+ efficiency.

When fuels burned to heat water, waste is a natural occurrence—excess fuels expelled through the flue, an essential safety feature that prevents carbon monoxide poisoning.

Modern condensing Boilers capture the waste, which in days gone by, would have escaped unused.

The waste fuels reused to heat water. This is why modern condensing Boilers are so efficient at heating water and much friendlier to the environment.

Types Of Boiler We Fit

New Boilers come in various types and sizes, it’s vital the correct Boiler for your home, heating, and hot water requirements is fitted.

If a Boilers too small, you won’t have enough hot water. If the Boiler fitted is too big for your system, you waste money on the boiler purchase and running costs.

This is why we offer a free no-obligation survey, so we can establish the best Boiler for your home and budget.

  • Our engineers fit Regular, System and Combination Boilers
  • All fuel types are covered, including gas, electric and oil

Your Heating And Hot Water Requirements

If your current Boiler satisfies your heating and hot water requirements, then we can fit a new one of the same type and size in its place—a straightforward procedure with little disruption.

If your heating and hot water requirements have increased or decreased, we can fit a new Boiler that’ll cope better with your current day to day demands.

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A free survey conducted by one of our experienced engineers will establish the best type of Boiler for your needs and property.

Contact Us Today to speak to one of our friendly staff and book your free no-obligation survey and quote.